Monday, October 13, 2014

Aromatherapy x High Tea @ DK Cuppa Tea

One of the greatest joys of blogging is getting to know like-minded people, discover new beauty items on the horizon, I've been extremely blessed in this regard ever since I switched to using mostly "green" products. Ever thought about incorporating aromatherapy into food? I felt like turning a new leaf in my beauty chapter when I learned about DK Cuppa Tea in 16A Staunton Street, Central SoHo!

Oh boy I'm so excited - high tea set with aromatherapy ingredients in it!!

OK before I got too excited to stuff my mouth with food, let's take a look at the interior of the spa x store x cafe all-in-one:

A quaint and exotic-looking store front
I was treated to a small head & neck massage before the tea session, of course there are a handful of treatments to choose from, ear candling is one of the most popular, the head & neck massage was perfect for me as I was completely drained at work lately. I was hooked by the ambiance and coziness inside the store x spa x cafe, look at what I mean: soft yet vibrant hues, warm lighting and atmosphere, my mind was instantly put at ease once I stepped into it, I felt like I was at somebody's home.
Staircase to the treatment rooms

The massage went well - I was suffering serious cramps that morning and had to lie in bed for an hour before heading out, granted I must have looked so ghastly. I stepped away from the treatment room feeling energized and revived, the facial massage was so relaxing. My skin felt smoother under the miracle hands of the therapist. 

Then I came to the cafe and lounge area, you can pick any book from the aromatherapy shelf or just sipping your latte (or organic teas!) chatting away with friends. Who knew there's such a cool place tucked away in the hustle and bustle of Central?!

Cafe / Lounge area for high tea and a cuppa
Loving this little corner over here, I could easily spend a whole afternoon here and possibly daydreaming away. 
Totally loving the decor here: tranquility and peace.
Move on to the food that I"m sure many of you will wonder about: the high tea set came with fresh cut fruit, an open bite-size sandwich with parma harm and cheese (the bread itself is home made), the salad greens have black truffle vinaigrette tossed in it. I'm savoring every. bite. so much.

The middle layer consists of earl grey cookies far right, lavender cookies. There was also a half scone and cakes with jam and cottage cheese as well. Tell me anything made with Earl Grey and I'll love it.

The top tier was aloe vera yogurt (with aloe vera bits inside!) and lavender cake and rose cake. That yogurt rocks - it's unlike any store-bought yogurt out there. The aloe vera bites were crunchy and sweet. My friend clearly loves the cakes - I wish there is one made with earl grey in it, haha! 

Our drinks of the day: 7 grains chocolate (no dairy milk used!) and a rose milk latte. Look at the crushed petals - it's like an art piece. I've never seen anything like it. Both were yummy and healthy may I add!

The store that will greet you once you enter: aromatherapy oils, sprays, candles, DIY bottles, hydrosols, mixers, carrier oils, base oils, pot and jars. It's every DIY lovers' dream! If you're into DIY-ing your own beauty products, you can spend a whole day here just looking and poking through its offerings.

I haven't tried my hands on DIY-ing but hello, I won't mind if I can find a natural, greener alternative lash growth essence! It'll be fun to DIY makeup as well I think, or make your own deodorant (I'm using one by Soapwalla). Here you can take classes to learn how to mix your own moisturizer or cleanser using essential oils.

Here's where you order your cakes and drinks. The shopkeeper Kat is extremely friendly and helpful to give me an introduction to aromatherapy, how to mix and DIY, and even food / diet composed of food from clean sources and known origins. The store even has a corner that stocks healthy grains.

I didn't know such an oasis is tucked away from the boisterous SoHo - it'll be a great alternative if you're bored with the usual cafe/high tea affair, let here surprise you, surprise your afternoon-tea friend. Don't mistake it for a florist - this place in itself, is a beauty haven where you can recharge yourself with a facial!

The door to DK Cuppa Tea: 16A Staunton Street, SoHo Central.


  1. Looks amazing! I definitely want to try the earl grey and lavender cookies! I haven't heard of this place before, will be sure to try it out :)


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