Monday, September 15, 2014

Institut Esthederm Intensif Spiruline Concentrated Formula Cream Review

French beauty brand stalkers rejoice!! My eyes was literally peeled when this jar landed on my desk. Institut Esthederm, a brand I've heard good things by British Beauty Blogger, originated from France, but have yet to have chance to try it myself, and it doesn't disappoint. We all know the French and their effective skincare brands (and French pharmacies is a must-visit, right?)

Spirulina - I've seen it in supplement capsules and added to drinks, but what actually is behind it? Essentially a blue algae (termed 'blue gold' by scientists), is high in protein and packed with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and is said to have ability to regenerate skin cells and reduce signs of fatigue. If summer equals too much sun exposure, fall/winter is going down in the humidity department, then dry and dull skins could use some regeneration from Spirulina. How does it work you may ask? Its anti-oxidant properties is touted to be able to combat free radicals.

Back to the Range: there's a serum which is absolutely non-greasy and comes with a dropper bottle (30ml). Then there's the cream* here (50g). Results are expected to appear after one month's use.

I've been test driving this cream for the past 2 weeks and have noticed my skin became more supple. Right now we're still in transition to fall so the temperatures haven't dropped much yet - but it will in a matter of weeks. Switching my routine up with this cream has been a treat. More moisture aside, I felt there's more 'life' packed under skin as the surface becomes smoother (hopefully due to the spirulina at work).

Have I mentioned the jar? The glass is sleek but weighty, felt very solid. No discernible fragrance/scent to it and there's a little spatula for scooping the product. Click to see the ingredients below. It's not for the green junkies, but it WORKS. 

Price is $760 for the cream and $680 for the serum. Both can be bought at Institut Esthederm (Unit 401, 4/F, Honest Building, 9-11 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay). Pop by for a facial consultation and treatment too!

*PR Sample


  1. I like the name of your blog and your post topics. :) I also run my own beauty blog "". Hope you could also take the chance to visit it. Haha. Anyway, I'm Asian but I'm also a fan of western products with the likes of Timea and Pevonia. I'm not fond of product intake. Seriously. I'm just into creams. I fear the internal complications that capsules might cause. Also, my favorite Hong Kong spa uses medik8 products and I'm perfectly fine with those. =)

    1. oh hi Ariette! Are you referring to Flawless spa? I love them!!!

  2. I've heard good things about this esthederm intensif spiruline... Going on my wish list now..... :)


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