Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bee beautiful with Guerlain

Guerlain's signature symbol is none but bees. Their new product is a spin-off of the brand's origin - a nectar made from bee's by-products, and the Abeille Royale face oil which was launched last year.

There's a little booth that allows you to make your own cupcake, with elements related to bees. Honey drops, honeycomb crunchies, ginger strands, etc. You can see my own cupcake at the end of the post, not too shabby, lol.


These hunky guys were the beekeepers - demonstrating the new Serum and the face oil. The pair worked a miracle - first you applied the serum and seal in with the oil, the result is a very light layer on the face that doesn't feel sticky at all. As all of you may have guessed - honey contains element that can repair the skin, and thus is very precious, as reflected by its price.

Beekeeper working on his creations...


Celebs were invited to share their skincare secrets - even guys need a little pampering too!

The cupcake I created...the new serum is already available at counters starting this week. Prices for the serum starts at $1210 for 30ml and $1620 for 50ml. If you have a sweet tooth, Guerlain has teamed up with Cafe Landmark at Central offering a tea set with desserts and teas named after Guerlain's best sellers like Shalimar and La Petite Robe Noire. The set is bee-themed, of course, and no advance reservations will be taken. Patrons who takes the tea set will be given samples after the session, if I remember correctly!

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  1. Too bad that stuff is loaded with alcohol - even the face oil is. Ugh! / bitchin' pea


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