Sunday, May 10, 2015

The ultimate beauty handbook launched

Last week I squeezed in an evening to attend the launch of a beauty handbook by the local makeup artist Annie G. Chan (sporting a white hat), who also happened to have her own makeup academy.

 Here's Annie with her crew:

And her special guests. The evening was fun. However I couldn't say much about the book itself since I had no chance of flipping through it (sorry!). But from the session, I heard that it covered lots of tricky makeup questions, such as how to conceal an angry protruding pimple. Tip: use 2 shades of concealer to do the work!

All in all, a simple short evening with Annie's own friends and guests and I'd encourage you to flip the book if you come across it. It retails for HK$170 and is sold at major bookstores.

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  1. Your blogging skills are improving day by days


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