Sunday, October 25, 2015

My new pink power duo!

Ever since I've learned about the Sleek brand years ago when it first debuted on UK drugstores, I knew their products were hardly duds. I brought back i-Divine palettes, Pout Polish, Glitter Powders home back then! 

That explains why I'm mega excited when they started to ship internationally, which means more accessible for us folks! I have their latest Candy Tint Balm* and Glitter Me Intense Sparkling Lip Gloss* to show you today.

Tinted balms are quite the rage during recent years! Remember those Revlon Lip butters? Chubby sticks? I dare to say the Sleek Candy Tint Balm is the best I've come across - it has SPF, moisture balm, wash of color, and great slip to the texture. Most tinted balms will have the wash of color and moisture, but not many of them has SPF and an ideal slip to it during application. This is quite "the one".

Here is the shade "Marshmallow" - a candy floss pink that isn't cool-toned or warm-toned I dare to say. Swatched on hand.

Next is the Glitter Me Intense Sparkling Lip Gloss in Uptown Girl - a rich hue of fuchsia and lots of glitter. I'm a rare wearer of glosses since it doesn't help when you live in places with high humidity, blasting air-con/winds, haha!

However I'm sure that the color will be very impressive for selfies ;)

Here is how the Marshmallow Candy Tint Balm looks on the lips, I quite like the sheen and the color, totally MLBB.

The Candy Tint Balm is a totally winner for me and there are 6 shades available now. 

*PR Sample

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