Monday, November 2, 2015

Sleek Barekissed Illuminator in Casablanca is the new "Big Easy"

I've recently switched to a new office and there's just so much on my plate each day (work-wise), so the only thing I can manage is to smear some BB creams on and draw a liner, dust some powder, do my brows, highlight & contour a bit then bam - off I go. 

You heard me right - no time for eyeshadows, no time for blushes, nada. If I'm feeling OK, I'd wear my contacts but mostly my specs will do...what can I do - a girl's gotta make a living!

One of the latest release from Sleek makeup is their Barekissed Illuminator* - think the "model in a bottle" equivalent. Except that it's available at a super friendly price point, and it rivals the more expensive counterparts (hi Nars I'm looking at you).

My mornings have become a bit easier with this now - the shade Casablanca is a cool-toned pink. I add a drop of it to my BB cream and viola - the ethereal glow of a cherub. You can mix a bit more and dab on cheeks as blush. Really easy to use and versatile. Think of it as a color corrector in liquid form, if you may!

Here's how it looks like when applied with a sheer hand:

The bottle is made of glass and houses quite a bit of product:

Applied with a bit more opacity (as a blush) - there's no grittiness to it because the glowy shimmer is so fine. The consistency and texture is just right, blends like a dream.

I'm thinking of pumping the product out in a small jar and keep it for use on the fly ;) There's quite a bit of product in the bottle so it lasts a long time.

*PR Sample

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