Friday, June 19, 2009

Review: Shu Uemura Brush Cleanser

Hey! Reviews are lacking lately since I started my internship and it consumed a lot of my time. My day to day routine is like: wake up insanely early, go to work, leave work, travel 1.5 hours back home, shower, dinner, sleep.

This time, I am going to review something different. This Shu Brush cleanser may not be environmentally friendly, or purse-friendly. But it definitely does it job with wonderful results.
There are a few points to note though:
1) It smells like nail polish remover, like highly flammable ones.
2) The packaging doesn't come with the brush cleanser cup -.- and the SA got me into buying it as well, which I think is OK.
3) Don't use other materials to replace the brush cleanser cup, I have heard that using other unknown materials will burn a hole in the replacement cup you're using. But I washed my brushes fine with this cup also from Shu.
4) Don't let your brush handles contact with this cleanser solution, it will wear the surface off and leave ugly marks, just imagine putting your brush handles into nail polish remover, and you get what I mean. lol
This stuff uses up pretty fast (within a month for me), but it's a professional brush cleanser IMO. What I do is to pour some of it into the cup, and put my brushes in and swirl them, and the clear solution will turn out murky with the colors on your brush, but the nicest thing is to see the shimmering bits in the solution after I washed my blush brush!!! This thing makes your brushes squeaky clean in seconds. AND!!! My brushes dry fast after using this, unlike using baby shampoo!!
You might wonder with such a strong cleanser, will it hurt the brush bristles? And here's my answer: I wash my Shu brushes, and their bristles don't shed nor fall off. They're as soft as new. <3

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  1. Jen, have you tried MAC's brush cleanser?
    That smell's a touch like nail varnish remover too, but it's bearable, it's probably the alcohol that disinfects the brushes that causes the smell.

    But SU sounds lethal LOL!


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