Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jill Stuart 09 Holiday Collection

Here's a pic of Jill Stuart's Holiday Collection (official from their taiwanese website). Hong Kong's stores has no news released concerning the holiday collection yet.

The set includes: a multi-colored face powder compact with brush, an eye jelly, a nail polish, and a lip gloss, plus a christmas-cake-ish makeup case.

I"m excited - look at the face powder. The brush that comes along with it is a flattened one, and I bet there will be golden flecks on the surface of the face powder as well, as with the past's limited edition blush.

The whole set worths around $600 HKD (around $77 USD?) and this is ALL I need to have for Christmas!!


  1. Aah Hong Kong has Jill Stuart? I'm so envious!
    Btw do Jill Stuart eye jellies crease on you? I'm tempted to get a few shades ;D

    Just stumbled across your blog, love it!

  2. lol thank you for dropping by my blog too!
    And yes you should totally do a review!

    take care xx


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