Sunday, November 22, 2009

New perfume launch from Jill Stuart; LE Aroma Candle; Christmas special offers

I am not much of a perfume-person, lol but the bottle is cute! (I actually like the model in the ad better). Here are some special offers, with any purchase over $700 including the 50ml perfume you get a miniature bottle, starting from December 1st. Purchase amount EXCLUDES limited edition products (how tedious is the rule...).
Here is the Aroma candle (True Lily), also on sale on 1st of December. 250g: $370.
It also comes with the tiny bowl, and this item is an LE.

And finally, special offers for Christmas! Starting from 1st of December to 3 January, you can pick a lip luster and an eyeshadow quad (can choose colors), with 2 LE nail polishes, for $615! The set will be put in a gift box like in the pic. With any purchase over $1000, you will receive a shimmer pressed powder in a compact, together with a drawstring pouch. Amount purchased also EXCLUDES limited edition products.


  1. *drools* these offers are evil!! Makes me wanna spend lol. Are you getting anything else from JS?

    From what I read Reflect Mirror Eyes is sheer, but the rest of the ranges are pretty pigmented.

    Ahhh, those eye jellies won't be released in Malaysia =(

    I've heard good things about P&J's Moisturizing Foundation Primers but they only have SPF12. How about some newer fall 2009 releases? They should be quite moisturizing =D
    Maquillage Moisture Base UV SPF23
    Esprique Precious Moisturizing Base SPF10
    Coffret D'or Beauty Essence Color Veil SPF17
    Anna Sui Moisture Rich Foundation Primer SPF12

    Unfortunately, all of them have lesser than SPF25 =( I've heard good things about the makeup bases from RMK and IPSA (I've tried this). You can do more research on these brands =)

    You can either get Castledew from Gmarket or ebay. Another blogger who uses this primer loves it and she has dry skin =D

  2. it's so pretty! i'm curious of how it smells..cuz i can't picture it even reading descriptions hehe

  3. I'm not a perfume person either but that bottle is beyond pretty!! I think JS has the prettiest packaging. :D

    Ooh yeah I know you were unsure about getting that set but looking at how beautiful everything is you made the right choice! Yes, please please do some reviews for us sweetie!

  4. shoot! they're making special offer after i purchased! argh... and i agree with Lisa, please do some reviews on your new set! :)

  5. I have tried IPSA's Pure Control Base in Pink. I do like it, but it only has SPF15 and 15 grams of product *ouch*

    Ahh, I see why you need a primer with a high SPF... How about P&J Protective Foundation Primer UV SPF40 and Lunasol Control Makeup Base SPF22 01 Moisture?

    RMK's foundation only has 15 grams? Gosh, that's such a minuscule amount!!!

  6. Ahhh, I'm so envious! If JS was available here, I'd totally check them out =)

    Yup I'm quite sure. I have a P&J brochure. They only have four primers out and you can check them out here:
    For some reason, I couldn't access P&J's official site.

    Never tried anything from Kate besides their eyeliner and mascara base. If you find it good then grab it. It's quite cheap right? =D

  7. I want!!!!
    that may be the prettiest thing I've ever seen...

  8. Oooh, you've already bought the P&J primer? That's incredibly efficient of you! ^_~

    Reflect Mirror Eyes is sort of new. It's from the fall 2009 collection.

    Yeah, I heard the same! Idk.. I might get their liner!

    I'm eying the All Night pressed powder, Secret Lingerie body cream and Jeweling Pencil BR633 from Majolica Majorca's holiday collection. Are you getting anything besides Secret Lingerie?

  9. That perfume bottle is super adorable! So princess- like! :)

  10. beautiful magic vial from JillStuart~~
    tempted** but currently still craze over MarcJacobs Daisy

  11. OMG OMG OMG there is a promotion for HK615 & HK1000 gwp going on until Jan 1st~~ hurray! i can make it for some JS haul this XMAS!!

    thankssss for the news..

    your blog is fantastic!!!!

  12. P.S Thanks for the sweet comment! Hee hee...I couldn't resist Snoopy. ;)


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