Thursday, November 19, 2009

Review: Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color in 08 Smoked Glass

Smoked Glass is a color coming from the old eye jelly batch (on the left of the pic), and for some reason I did not like the older version of the eye jelly, they are more watery, sheerer in pigmentation. (For more comparisons between old and new packaging and formula, check out my previous review HERE) At first I thought Smoked glass's greyish violet color makes my eyes look like they are swollen from last night's crying, but it shows up alright today when I put them on.

I think Smoked glass is one of those colors from the old eye jelly collection and is similar to the rest of the old ones in terms of the weirdness of color, LOL, one of them is a deep red wine kind of color and I wonder who will be wearing those...

Do violet, lilac colors work for you?
Now I wish I will use up this eye jelly jar asap, haha, it gives me headache just to try thinking if the color will work on me this time or next time...

Word of advice: get the new eye jelly instead of the old version!


  1. Jill Stuart Jellies!! I just saw your post on the new version 09. Gorgeous!!! I am soo excited!!! I will be getting my first Jill Stuart Items next Sunday! yay! Thanks for your review, it was really helpful.

  2. Oooh, nice advice! :) I love violet and lilac colors. I think they go nicely on us brown-eyed girls!

  3. you can always put an eye primer base for even effect and stay-on color ;)
    i'm using Paul&Joe, many are ravings on the urban decay...

    oh yea purple lilac works GREAT on me..
    about to post about them...smokeh lilac ^.^V
    SWAP something with me?? for your eye jelly


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