Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Review: Jill Stuart Sweetness Collection Mini lip gloss in 101 Sugar Kiss

Normally I wouldn't be interested in trying out lip glosses from Jill Stuart, because I am not much of a gloss or lipstick person, but this came in the Sweetness Collection and when I first tried their jelly lip gloss, I must say I'm impressed.

The shade is a limited one, 101 Sugar Kiss. It has glitter in the gloss, but not huge chunks of glitter that you can feel with your lips, they're fine and I don't feel any glitter on my lips at all, the texture is very soft and creamy, its the most un-stickiest gloss I have ever tried. (compared to Lancome Juicy Tubes and Stila lip glaze, and a few others).

I feel I have put on a lip balm and not a gloss, this is good for me because I do not prefer glosses or lipsticks because they make my mouth feel sticky. Now I can see myself constantly reaching for this to complete my look. The shade itself is not a vibrant, neon kind of pink, it is a subtle one. The cute packaging is a plus to tell me I should use it more often from now on, lol!
Here are pics of my lips before and after application:


This smells like vanilla and butterscotch.

The glitter reflects light and adds a slightly bluish or lilac-ish tint, and the part I care most about is that it seems to give the effect of a lip plumper.


  1. i'm with you, i don't like to put lipgloss because of the stickiness.
    and this lipgloss does look great on you! glad that it works for you :D, btw i've got my JS stuffs from my sister and i love them all!

  2. tats awesome on u

    thanks for visiting my blog!!!!
    i following ur blog now!!

  3. The Lip gloss looks very pretty on you, definitely a good item to complete a look.

  4. This lip gloss looks fabulous on you, Jen dear!

    Don't think I'm getting the All Night compact afterall. I want a pressed powder and not a shimmery highlighter =(

  5. Sugar kiss is sooo pretty! The way you described that it smells like vanilla & butterscotch makes me want the lipgloss even more! It looks great on your lips! I really wish we had Jill Stuart here :x

  6. It looks great & sounds wonderful!
    I agree with ilyanna :P

  7. Fuller lips? Check. Pretty color? Check. Pretty glittery effect? Check.

    Lurve it!!! XD

  8. Hola Jenn,
    you are absolutely right about pretty packaging makes you wanna use them more regular! LOL works for me too~~
    ooh just describing the smells is heavenly to me! big fan of butterscotch kakaka

    About JS deals, oh no then i wont be able to make it for those set & holiday special :(
    if they are selling like hot cakes..
    i'm only touchin down on Xmas Day..tot rushing to Times Square once landed haha

    Would you like to meet up during my 9 days visit? i hav a list beautypicks to checkout lol great if i can get some info from you


  9. Hi Babe is me!
    yay still can yum char with you before you fly off to 6 months denmark!!

    can you email me so i can send you my msn id?

    which central spot is good to haul japanese drugstore brand?
    etc visee, lavshuca, esprique, koji?
    my hotel is situated in SheungWan near lan kwai fong area if not mistaken can meetup there or CauseWayBAY!!

    how's the weather temperate like during xmas in HK? gigglee

  10. Hi Jen! Thx for the sweet comment! Maybe I will post more OOTDs in the future. :)

  11. Yeah I agree with you! Cargo's blushers are lovely!! I wish Malaysia has Sephora, never mind Urban Decay etc lol


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