Friday, April 16, 2010

Benefit x HONG KONG 5th Anniversary Limited Edition Kit!

YES!!! After landing in HK for 5 years (wow so long?), Benefit is celebrating its 5th anniversary in Hong Kong with this special limited edition kit that mirrors Hong Kong skyline <3 Products featured include (from left to right):

Dandelion face powder/blush, That Gal Primer, Woman Seeking Toner, PosieTint liquid blush, Dr.Feelgood face mattifying balm (primer).

Although I have ALL products in this kit (guilty...tsk tsk tsk), I"m very excited about this kit as the products adopt the skins of the major buildings/features in Hong Kong! I have to admit I can't figure out where that Chinese style temple is...(the one for Dr. Feelgood).

Good job at recreating the products with buildings :D!!

Source: Benefit Facebook Fan Page <3


  1. as long as you really use them, no need to feel guilty hun! hehehe ;)

  2. OMG am currently crazy bout benefit again~ hehe
    checkout my latest post about benefit new eye primer! Stay..Dun Stray Honey!

    ahhh i wanna buy this kit too!!lovely purchase darlin'

  3. This is so cool! I love the Hong Kong skyline! <3

  4. Pretty!! I don't have any of this stuff.. does that mean? hehehehe

    Will be in HK in July, hopefully it will still be available!


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