Monday, October 18, 2010

Review and Swatches: We Care Icon Magnetic Lips + New Canmake 5-effects Foundation

Today I'm reviewing a very special item, a lipgloss by a Finnish brand. First and foremost I want to say thank-you to Nea from Fashioned in Finland whom I met up with while she came to Hong Kong 2 weeks ago. She handed me a bag of goodies and one of them is this gloss from We Care Icon :). I have not heard of this brand before but their products are made WITHOUT silicones, talc or parabens. Apparently, the quality of the gloss amazed me! Here's why:

The packaging is a very sleek and slim tube and the shade is in #5 Natural Nude.

When swatched, it reveals a beautiful nude pink color and it's almost the same as my original lip color. The tip of the gloss wand is one of the best I've seen, it applies easily and evenly. This gloss carries a nice caramel-vanilla scent, which most glosses on the market also smell like. A pic of my lips before and after application:

This gloss gives the perfect shine to my lips and it's not sticky at all. The texture is easily spreadable and it's quite pigmented too. It doesn't carry any shimmer not glitter (love!).

Nea from Fashioned in Finland has reviewed this gloss: you can check out her post here. :)

On another note, a new foundation released by Canmake! The name is called 5-effects foundation. The texture is described as cream. For those who can read Chinese:

功效:1 蘊含六種美顏及滋潤因子
2 防曬作用
3 全面滋潤性妝前底霜
4 全面遮掩毛孔及平衡膚色的粉底
5 讓肌膚變得如絲細滑,碎粉效果
最特別之處是最後出來的效果係半啞調的妝容,亦即是話,mat look 的效果便可以改善滿面油光的問題

For those who can't, here's the translation :)
- 5 effects foundation: it contains SPF, skin-beautifying functions, can be used as a foundation, makeup base/primer, and settling powder. (I think they're saying this foundation has 5 functions all-in-one)
- perfectly soft and semi-matte finish
-moisturizing as a makeup base/primer
- conceals pores and evens out skintone as a foundation
- makes skin silky smooth and soft as a settling powder
- contains 6 skin-beautifying and moisturizing elements
- carries SPF
- feels light on the skin, not oily at all and suitable for use under humid weather

The case of the compact looks cute with diamond-cut shape...and it's pink in color. It has 3 shades available, 01, 02, 03. I got myself checked with the SA the other day, and she said my skin (NC25) would be suitable for 02. She also tried it on my hand, and it feels smooth and not sticky too.
What are your thoughts on their new foundation? Or your thoughts on their existing foundations? Please share :)


  1. im really liking the canmake foundation just because the case is cute hahaha i hope i can grab one to try. im NC30 so maybe i have to get 03? hehe thanks for the reviews jen!

  2. What a pretty and flattering shade of lipgloss. :) You have goooorgeous lips btw, perfect shape and fullness.

  3. The lipgloss looks so pretty on you! Love your lip shape :D.

  4. that lipgloss is a nice color with your skin tone!

  5. the lipgloss looks really nice on you!

    this is probably very random but i like your natural lip color :X mine are so red/dark pink..if only there was a way to make the natural lip color lighter! xD

    the new canmake foundation sounds interesting. are you going to get it?

    && Thank you for telling me about the Hada Labo! I can be more relaxed now when I use it lol :P

  6. Oh why I noticed this post just now :-O well, I'm glad you like the gloss! It's my favorite :D


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