Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review and Swatches: Canmake Perfect Brown Eyes Palette in 03 Glitter Brown

Today's review is on Canmake's Perfect Brown Eyes eyeshadow palette in 03 Glitter Brown. This palette comes in 3 color variations, I hesitated on 01 and 03, but I got 03 finally because it looks more pretty with the shimmer in it. 01 is rather shimmer-less, 02 is less shimmery than 03. All palettes were centered around neutral brown, bronzey shades, 01 leans a bit towards a slightly-smoky look, 02 is paler than 03. All of them are perfect colors for work. :)

There's a tiny mirror inside the palette, how thoughtful it is! This is a palette for on-the-go people, you can apply eyeshadow in one hand and holding this palette with the mirror on the other. Perfect design!
As you can see, the top left color is a shimmery champagne color with tiny glitter; the bottom left is a CREAM BASE, which looks like a vanilla color but actually is for highlighting purpose only, it's transparent. The top right color is a taupe-ish brown to me, and is used for lining the lashline. The bottom right color is a bronze color. All colors embody a small amount of glitter, but stop - they don't show up once applied. I found the glitter in Canmake products are never over-the-top, it's funny because you can see them on the pan (like their cream blush and powder blush) but you can't see the glitter when you apply onto face.

Back of the palette has instructions on how to use the colors (for eyeshadow amateurs like me XD). Notice they recommend applying the Cream Base using your fingertip. The dual-ended brush contains one side with synthetic fibres (a flat brush) and the other side is a sponge applicator. Although i'm not a fan of brushes that come with palettes/kits, but this brush is workable.

I lined my eyes with Revlon ColorStay eyeliner in Charcoal, coated my lashes with YSL false lash effect mascara in black BEFORE applying shadows:
How the colors showed up:

I found the eyeshadows very safe to play with (we can't go wrong with neutrals, right?) and I like the finish of the shadows. Their texture is pretty solid, and I have no issues with fallouts. What I mean by not-solid is, say, Stila's eyeshadow is soft in texture and when I apply I would experience fallouts all over my eyes, and this turned me off. This palette is decently (read: moderately) pigmented, which I'm happy with.

- shades are easy to carry
- small compact, nice to put in makeup bag for touch-ups
- no fallout issues
- shimmery/semi-glittery finish, glitter is not very noticeable
- convenient design with a mirror inside
- includes detailed instructions on how to apply

- price rather expensive for a drugstore product (9 Euros)
- contains rather small amount of product

Overall verdict: A-/B+

I'm loving this palette a lot! I'd be heading back and pick up 01 later. I also like the fact that this palette is small and easy to carry around. Along with other Canmake products, they never indicate how much grams of product is it has. It's difficult to make a guess on this palette's content, from what I see, it contains rather small amount of products (same with Canmake's whole line) but I would say it can last me for a long while. :D

If you don't own any Canmake products yet, THIS is the sure thing to get!


  1. Haha yeah, I found it weird that they don't indicate the weight/volume too...

    You must be psychic, I was thinking of getting a quad from this range! I hesitated because there aren't any reviews on it out yet, so thank you for reviewing!!

    Is it sheer/pigmented? It looks a tad light on your lids..

    Nope, no Muji here.. I heard that they are bringing it in soon. Idk how soon is soon though hahaha

  2. I've passed by this palette so many times but never got around to swatch it, I think I'll try to check it the next time! Thanks for the review!

  3. love the color combo!
    come follow xoo

  4. i think canmake powders are sheer hehehe good thing you have fair skin, it looks lvely on you. :)

  5. OMG silly me! Looking at your swatch reminded me that I swatched them whilst at Sasa =.= Sorry, I guess I was too sleepy lol

    Idk which to choose... I'll decide after you update with 01! puahaha

    And yeah, they are rather $ over here, around Kate's price AND I know that they are much cheaper in Japan! Sasa makes my blood boil ughh

    Sonia Rykiel 23 is rather pale when on my lips, it's the perfect nude shade!! =D

  6. Yes I do have pets at my home, I have about 7 dogs, haha... but they're all staying outside the house :D

  7. Yah, the Sasa stores in MYS carries Canmake. I can't imagine a Canmake counter, boggles my mind to imagine such a cheap brand with a counter lol lol

    HMMMMM... quality wise, I prefer MM, Kate, or you know, other Japanese drugstore brands: Integrate, Visee etc. For eg: Nudy Glow gloss sinks into lip lines (very unattractive!) whilst their Cream Cheek don't last long, half a day at most. But this is just me o.o

  8. Oh no, another potential lemming! ;) Definitely can't go wrong with neutrals and this palette looks lovely on you.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway, doll!

  9. I'm not sure about their species though, hehee..

  10. I've seen this around Watsons before, but never really paid attention.. I think for the price, I'd rather pay a bit more and get myself some Kate or MM =)

    btw. I'm gg to be in HK for a day in Nov.. where would you recommend I go shopping? hehehe..


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