Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Products I'm digging into this month + giveaway note

While I was reading this post on MWS, I figured it'd be interesting to see how makeup products will turn after intensive use within a month XD This is because I never finish anything, with the exception of mascaras being tossed because they passed their date of 4-5 months. The closest I've come to finishing a product is with sunscreen-primers (I only use primers with SPF and also use as sunscreen alone). You're supposed to wear sunscreen everyday so this doesn't really count I guess? The second closest occasion is hitting pan on 2 foundation compacts, and one concealer - that's the *only* items I've hit pan on. I have way too much blushes, eyeshadows and the like so none of them gets regular love. *shame*

And I picked the following items:
- CARGO Blu-Ray High Definition Blush/Highlighter in Pink (HG!)
- Canmake Cover & Stretch Concealer UV #02 (HG!) (previous review here)
- Canmake Cream Highlighter
- Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Bourbon (HG!)
- Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Hand Therapy
- Marc Jacobs Eau de Parfum
- YSL False Lash Effect Sample in Black
- Dior Lip Glow (previous review here)
- Jill Stuart Day Care Essence (transferred into a small jar due to small amount remaining)
- Ettusais Medicated Acne-control loose powder
- Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation in Honey (HG!)

Phew, picking which items for this month is not an easy task! I recently 'shopped' my stash and took out Benefit Hello Flawless and it was my HG powder foundation up to now, and since I've hit a medium-sized pan on it, I want to see a larger pan XD. Choosing eyeliner is the easiest - black liners look too harsh on me, browns are perfect for everyday use if I can't switch. Canmake concealer is my HG and I've been using it for almost a year (easier to finish up?) so that's definitely on the list. Canmake cream highlighter is included because application is fast, and it contains so little product so easier to hit pan on LOL! Jill Stuart primer - needless to say, only 6-7 uses left, the tube was already dismantled by me, HAH! Ettusais loose powder because it's been used for more than a year (O_o just realized up to this point) and seems never be able to finish it. YSL mascara sample because it flakes and smudges in my undereye area - throwing it away is kind of wasteful...(let's see how long I can tolerate this mascara). Dior Lip Glow is chosen since only 1cm of the product is left in the tube and I disliked this product so much and wanted to use it up. Marc Jacobs EDP is a signature perfume of mine and the scent is perfect for fall and winter. Since winter is approaching and I often reach for hand creams, so it's included. Eyeshadows are left out because I don't wear eyeshadows often.

The hardest part was choosing which blush to use...finally CARGO Blu-Ray blush was chosen because I love the formula - it applies dreamily like melting butter (short for words...). And the blush changes color according to your skin or lighting I much fun to see it show up in different hues of pink everytime! :D

Before heading to bed - please meet this fellow:

They're the new glasses I got. These are the first pair of thick-framed glasses I have. And why am I digging it this month? 'Cause November is the season for assignments, revisions and exams!

Have you had similar experiences of choosing particular makeup products and tell yourself to use it intensively? How did it go? How do you choose which products to include?

p.s. In case you haven't, check out my giveaway here :)


  1. Yeah, I've only hit pan on two concealers but never anything else and def. not blush, too many choices! Good luck on using up your chosen products for the month, you can do it! :)

    Wah I loooove your frames! Very pretty and girly, do you mind telling me the brand? I'm sure it won't do me any good since we're in different countries but I love the design. Thanks!

    I personally haven't tried a project pan but I should. ^^

  2. I never use make up intensively =)
    Too lazy in the morning haha

  3. I use my powders intensively lol but I need to start using my BB Creams/primers more..I bought too many at once :X

    I've only hit pan on powders before since I use them daily. Speaking of which I haven't hit pan on a powder in a long time! xD

    I should try to do this when I'm not as busy and have more time in the mornings to actually put MU on!

    Good luck! Can't wait to hear about your progress ^__^

  4. The Hadalabo lotion is pretty much a toner. It's recommended for use after cleansing and before moisturising.
    I also got so confused cos when I see "lotion" I'm thinking moisturiser lol xD
    Thank you for your well wishes!

  5. ooh.. i nv succeed in sticking with products for a month.. I only try to stick to the same base makeup routine each week so that everything gets some love.. lol..

  6. ooh i also love the UD 24/7 liners! i like it way better than MUFE Aqua Eyes. Bourbon is a gorgeous brown! :)

    speaking of eyeliners, i want to get dollywink liquid eyeliner in brown! one more product in my list! hahaha :P

    I have tried Ettusais skincare before, but i just got disappointed. I see you like the acne-control LP, can it really control/prevent acne?

  7. With certain products, I'm very good about only using that until I finish like lip balms... hehe~ With makeup, I'm not good. I get bored easily like eyeshadows. :X

    I keep hearing good stuff about Cargo Blu-Ray. I definitely need to test it out at Sephora next time I go... hehe~

  8. ooo what's the benefit foundation like?! I've always wanted to try their foundations.

    and I love your new glasses :D the frame's so cute with the lotus flowers~

  9. I'm terrible at finishing point makeup! I toss them away when they get goopy (gloss), don't wear the colour anymore (lipstick), over the expiry date (mascara). The only thing that I'm pretty good at finishing is foundation xD

    Ughh no pets, I love puppies and kittens and rabbits etc though, but they are pretty messy yes? How about you? Any pets?

  10. Hmmm, I don't think I have so many products that I need to focus on some to make sure I use them. Though it does seem like a great idea to prevent wastage... I think I am more like this with clothes ;-)

    Your products all look sweet and girly... makes me wanna try the Benefit foundation...

  11. This is a great project! I've also recently decided I should stop buying so much stuffs and dig away at what I have. Already I'm starting to wonder if some of my foundations are past it's due date and ...and...I must need lips the size of my garage to go through my stash! :(

  12. Hey Jen!! Sorry I've been MIA!
    Good luck with hitting the pan on these products lol, I've only managed to hit the pan on ONE single product - my foundation which doesn't really count ;p

  13. Ahh I know what you mean. I think all the late night studying has affected my eye sight ! I need 20/20 to be able to be a air force pilot ! All the best with your exams ;-)

    I try not to buy things until I run out of the previous product. I'm actually a hoard .. I have two boxes full of used products because I have been meaning to take pictures of them for my 'empty bottle reviews' (where I do a review only once I've finished the product because I feel it I can give it the product a more fair review !).

    Usually I choose make up based on recommendations then try it out for myself and see if I like it. That's why beauty blogs like yours really helps ;-D

  14. I'm using my clinique spot remover intensively!!

  15. I forgot Cargo is pulled out from Sephora. I believe the Sephora inside JCPenny still carries them but I could be wrong... hehe~ I definitely need to go check out sometime.

    I'm pretty good about finishing certain products cuz that will be the only thing I use. Yes, I have finished foundations I believe. I'm not too sure it's been a long time... hehe~

  16. Thanks for following my blog! you have a pretty awesome one, I'm hooked! :)

  17. Thanks for getting back to be about the glasses! haha I wish I could go to HK, so many shopping and food.

    I hit pan on Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealers. It's odd, I keep one in my bathroom and one in my makeup bag so I hit pan on both of them. LOL Same product, different times I use them depending on time and where I'm at. It's a great concealer, I did a review on it in the past if you're curious.

    As for the RR sale, I got the two brightest colors of X-rated and Immoral. ^^

  18. heyhey,
    at the moment I swap around from loreal's matte morphose souffle foundation, bloom's mineral powder foundation and beautymaker's Q10 liquid foundation. I think I like mineral powder best, but haven't found a HQ one yet. =/

  19. It's really hard to finish makeup products esp blush and eyeshadow! I've only finished concealer and foundation so far. Good luck with your goal :D

  20. I have a review on the kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate in my blog. I'm sure you'll love that product! :)

  21. Those are the cutest frames! (Is that a lotus flower? :) I like Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams too!


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