Friday, December 17, 2010

Packing makeup for travel// Bloggers meetup// Happy Holidays!!

Hi ladies! Since I will be leaving for Taiwan in 2 days, I figure I would do a post on what I pack for trips that last for 1 week. I planned on blogging more often but my daytime job is sucking away my time and energy (and daylight for taking proper product pictures)! Hence this condensed post :P

Packing for a 1-week trip is easy, and the choices are considerably easy to make compared to, say, packing for my stay in Europe for 6 months.

There is a separator which came along with the makeup bag and I use it to separate base/face products and point-makeup products.
On the far left is a close-to-finishing tinted sunscreen from Orbis with SPF 34, it will be used up after a few uses. Next to it is the MAC x DSquared Sculpt & Shape Powder. On top of it is a loose settling powder given to me by Georgina in our swap, love anything with high SPF. Next to it is Benefit I Lotused You Looking blush (lilac), Canmake cream blush in Vitamin Orange, and Lola's Refine Eye Mousse eye base and primer, which also acts as a makeup eraser when something goes wrong ;) I keep it in my bag all the time whenever I found something smudging.

Below is 3 foundation samples (Jill Stuart, Cle de Peau, Dior Snow). 3 foundation samples should be more than enough for a week, and they weigh much less than a full-size powder foundation.
Then the right portion of the makeup bag will be devoted to: Q-tips, Canmake nudy glow gloss 01, YSL mascara sample, Shiseido Maquillage concealer stick, Canmake Cover & Stretch concealer wand, Revlon ColorStay eyeliner in Charcoal (love this stuff), Urban Decay Bourbon eyeliner (brown with golden glitter). Shiseido Majolica Majorca lash expander, Benefit Miss Popularity Highlighter, Shu Uemura eyelash curler, mini concealer brush from a Benefit palette, and 2 face brushes, the dual-ended one for contouring + blush, and the other one for applying loose powder. It's really hard for me to decide which blush to bring (LOL do I need to explain this?), so at the end I think it'd be great to bring an orange and my HG lilac blush, I could possibly throw in a pink one too...bu I remind myself it's just 1 week. For eyeliners, I go for softer colors (versus all black), charcoal and deep brown are definitely on the list too.

Now move on to the skincare bag, I put it 3 pairs of eye masks + 3 face masks; dental floss; 2 bottles of contact lens solution, 1 contact lens case; a sample of body lotion, The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Stick (for you don't know when a pimple will come up), wet facial + hand wipes, Shu Uemura moisturizer samples (5 of them there, think it will be sufficient for 7 days?). Sara Happ Lip balm, Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream. Then notice the far left on the top: I use an old contact lens case to store my facial wash instead of bringing a large tube with me. I filled both sides with the facial wash and should be enough for more than 1 week. I also read that some girls will pump their liquid foundation into the case instead of bringing a large glass bottle, it makes your bag so much lighter. Next to the facial wash is a mini bottle of toner (container bought from Muji), a small tub of eye cream.

A few days ago I met up with Kay from Cosmeddicted! We went browsing and shopping for a bit ^^ and settled in a local restaurant serving typical local food! She was very kind to help me CP a few stuff from Korres in Sephora too, thankyou so much for bringing them all the way from Hawaii!
Hawaii-ness + Kawaii-ness = Hello Kitty! (Sorry for the bad pun, lol.....)
Apart from the Hello Kitty phone strap and memo pad, she got me a palette from Stila and a shower gel from Philosophy. I love gingyyyyy! This is way too cute *v*
She helped me CP a gift set from Korres, and their anti-aging primer, Korres is not available in HK. Thanks again Kay!
This was the third bloggers meetup I've had in a month :) the forth one is coming soon too!! hehe you know who you are :P

The following items are given to me by my friend: NARS Multiple in Copacabana, Sofina jenne moisturizer, the silver tube of eye cream next to the Carmex hand cream, and a beauty serum and tiny jar of cream on the far left from a brand called iS Clinical.

And this hugeeeee bag from Bobbi Brown....
....Which houses the deluxe travel kit (makeup traincase).
It's black and made of patent leather.
it's really HUGE (you will see why soon), the insides:
There are slots for keeping your makeup brushes in place:
The black makeup bag is detachable from the traincase:
When the cover of the bag is lifted, it revealed a very roomy space:
I put a blush compact next to it so you can compare the size of the traincase... I probably won't bring it with me to travel, not for a week anyway, lol it's almost the size of my notebook computer...
To end this post, I would like to say ♥Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas♥ to everyone of you reading this :)


  1. I LOVE your train of thought
    "Hawaii-ness + Kawaii-ness = Hello Kitty!"

    I hope you have a WONDERFUL time in Taiwan, Buy lots, eat lots and Merry Christmas! =D I hope you end up getting everything you like.

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  3. I love using my JS traincase when I travel too, it's really useful :)
    Yay for meeting up with Kay, the Hawainess HK is so cute~
    Wow, the BB traincase is really big, but it's great for storing makeup and such :D
    Have fun on your trip Jen!

  4. Yes, I did search the recipe on net :P.
    Happy holiday to you as well!

  5. Happy holidays Jen dear, have a fun trip!!! <3

    I try not to bring so many cosmetics when I travel, I end up using half of them only haha

  6. cool! I love that Bobbi Brown traincase!! :-D Happy Holidays ♥

  7. Happy holiday dear and have fun! <3
    haha..that's still quite a lot of makeup for a week! But good job on narrowing it down to that much ^^
    Take care Jennifer!

  8. have a beautiful christmas :)

    I bought the Korres primer on ebay :)

    xo Christine

  9. wow thats sooo much make up!!!

  10. i like primark. good place to pick up some basics.

    have fun with on your trip!

  11. I'm always curious on what people bring when they travel...hehe...thanks for sharing....and the bobby brown traincase is so nice....

  12. HOLY SHIET THAT LOOKS AWESOME : O I wanna travel with youuuu! *packs sorry bags* LET'S GO : D Hahaha!

    Ahh, don't worry about it : D

    Bilka is SUPER expensive. But it's the only place I could think of that had WnW... I went there again today : D Wanted to get a lilac/purple eyeshadow and another of the Megaslick lipglosses! I LOVE THEM : D Got a baby-pink one this time. SO pretty!

    Aww thanks so muuuch <33 : D Have a safe trip!

  13. You're going to Taiwan!?!?!? I'm so jealous! Buy lots of Asian makeup, they're so much cheaper over there XD Happy holidays hun and have a safe and fun trip! <3

  14. Jennifer, you're so organized! Mine usually looks like a bomb Lurve your Bobbi Brown case! Have fun in Taiwan, lovey! Happy Holidays to you =D

  15. The bobbi brown traincase is gorgeous!!

    Happy holidays! Have a great time in Taiwan, have a lovely xmas and new year! xxx

  16. that case is so cool i want it! xx

  17. ohhh nice stuff, hope you have a great time in Taiwan, have a merry christmas and fun new year!

  18. hope you have an amazing time and i love that make-up case by bobbi brown it's gorgeous!

    'for all your latest fashion updates!'

  19. Have fun in Taiwan! :]
    Can't wait to hear about it (if you're going to post about your trip that is lol)

    Happy early christmas to you too! ^__^

  20. Yay to meeting Kay! :) those HK goodies are super cute! Im glad you finally got your Korres products, i hope you like them. :)

    you bought paraphernalia for falsies application! LOL XD have you been practicing? :)

    Hava a fun and safe trip to Taiwan J! I cant wait to see what you'll be hauling from there ;) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  21. Ahh I hate packing for trips; it's so hard to pack only the essentials hehe. I am so jealous of your Bobbi Brown traincase; it looks HUGE, but it would make organization so much easier! Hope you have fun in Taiwan!

  22. u're so organise! everytime i pack my stuffs for travel, these MU & skincare will take half the luggage lol! have a gr8 time and a blast time when u meet up stellar!

    xoxo elle
    ps: yup i cant live without my loccitane milk makeup remover, its really good! sometimes they are on sale 3 bottles for a fraction of the price hehe

  23. the BB travel case is gorgeous! hope you have a great holiday in TW ^^

  24. Thank you so much for the well wishes. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and fun time in Taiwan!! Buy lots of stuff to show us. :)

    You're so prepared in your packing, I would never think to bring sheet masks but those are def. good to bring on a flight.

    Aw yay for blogger meet ups! From around the world no less.

    The Bobbi Brown traveling case is very nice and organized.

  25. How fun!!!
    I have yet to find a beauty blogger from my area.
    Have fun at Taiwan!

  26. happy traveling^^ and thx for your recent comment^^

  27. You're going to Taiwan!?? Any room in the suitcase to pack me in too? xD

    I have the Renu contact solution too. But mine is in the old packaging, now they have clear bottles and I'm so excited for that!!

    Hahah, LURV your pun! ^^
    Awesome traincase too. I love how it's all sectioned.

  28. aaah have fun in taiwan!!

    I love that train case really good if you're traveling somewhere for a long period.

    Happy holidays to you too jennifer!

  29. 6 months trip sounds very exciting!
    Love the Bobbi Brown bag!

  30. Seems like you have everything you need! Have a great trip and have fun!

    P.S. don't forget to enter the Christmas Giveaway

  31. Oh my! Have a safe and exciting wonderful trip! I wish I could travel haha. I'm itching to go somewhere already.

  32. I live in the city of bloggers and you have met more than I have... hehe~ :)

    Nice haul and Merry Christmas to you too! :)

  33. The bobbi brown makeup case is nice but you mentioned its huge, it can really take some space in the luggage. I love looking at your loots--eye candy alert! :-)

  34. I hope you have a wonderful trip!! x

  35. wow! love all the items you got! esp the BB makeup case! I have 2 different cases from Bobbi Brown and I absolutely love it! Yours may be even nicer than mines as I love the compartments that it came with! thanks for sharing

  36. I hope i get the time to post a christmas wishlist as well.....just too busy for the holidays....hope you'll have a Merry Christmas....

  37. HI! my name's martina and your blog is wonderful!
    I'd like you visit my blog and if you want...follow me! ^^
    I wait you and your tips! kiss kiss
    Glamour Marmalade

  38. you have so many great stuff! I love how well organized you are for the trip! I hope your trip goes very well:)
    I wanted to get that stila moscow palette but it was sold out last week when I went to ulta :(

  39. Merry christmas darling!
    wonderful items :)

  40. Hey Jen!

    Wow, how cool is that contact lens case filled with face wash is a brilliant idea, how didn't I think of this before? I'll definitely make use of this tip on my next trip.

    I see you got some Korres and the infamous Jasmine lip butter!!! Very nice selection of products- I also must add that the face primer is not sold in my country...
    So there's a little privilege over us Greeks- we may have easy and affordable access to the brand but we're missing a lot of products from their make-up range :(

    Happy (belated) holidays to you too girl, I hope you had a fantastic trip!


  41. Awesome!
    Please check out my blog. Any feedback is appreciated! Thank you so much :)

    Enjoy the holidays!!

  42. that gingerbread man packaging is too cute! and yeah what a big bag, nice goodies you got from her! have a merry christmas :)

  43. I love how organized you are! Good luck with the trip and have a blessed Christmas! :)

  44. i'm soo happy i came across your blog :)! the reviews are so fun to read and i find your posts really inspiring. from now on i'll always be anticipating a new post of yours when i check my blog roll :D!

    xx nik

  45. You just totally reminded me of two things to get: 1; GINGERBREAD!!!! 2; Makeup eraser pen!

    Haha, thanks for that : P

    Actually the book is about Portia de Rossi's battle with anorexia during her breakthrough with the Ally McBeal series. For some reason I LOVE personal books like that..

    And I didn't go visit the MAC stand yet! Or well.. I went there on the 17th when getting stuff for my mom, but I didn't buy anything there >_<" Ohh it was so sleek and pretty tho! -angels sing-

    Ohhh no, the hamster is Tanja's btw! ; D My girlfriend's. I was feeding him treats when she took my camera and started snapping shots. XD My hamster died a long time ago. : /

    AAAAND! I missed you all sooo much! NO MORE MIA! >_<" -hits self with a fork- no more no more!

  46. omg what a perfect bag !!

    i must get this !!

    great blog ! followed !=]

    happy new year !

    follow me too =]

  47. That train case is incredible!!! So helpful and handy :)

  48. I love all of these,
    The idea of them is so cool,
    I always find it a pain tryna pack the essentials for holiday!

    Happy New Year!x

  49. great blog :)

    i love bobbi brown!

    im having a alexander wang esque studded clutch bag giveaway, come check it out if you want hon !

  50. I love the small make up compartments in this bobbi brown bag! I want one now! :)
    I'm following you now! You can check my blog at
    Have a nice day! x

  51. OMG I need that Bobbi Brown makeup travel case. Not for the travelling of course as my travel make up includes just mascara and red lipstick :-) Plus the ever present Bobbi Brown Blush


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