Friday, April 1, 2011

On the fence with: NARS Multiple in Copacabana// NARS Copacabana多用途膏狀highlighter

Today I am introducing a product which I don't really like, which is unusual for a product junkie. I was told that NARS Copacabana Multiple is a highlighter which, can also double as an eyeshadow base. Whichever the case, this product is such a fail n my skin. It is the first NARS Multiple I used.

今天為大家介紹一樣我不太喜歡的product, 對你或者我來說都很詫異吧. NARS品牌出了名上色度高, 持久度高, 基本上 我都很同意. 但這支Copacabana Multiple令我失望了. 這是我第一支Multiple, Copacabana這類顏色適合用來做highlight, 也有人告訴我這個可同時用作眼影底霜, 令眼影的顏色持久一點. 不過, 2種用法都不太成功啦...
NARS Multiples come in a higher price than their powder/cream blush, but you get 14g of product, which is not bad. Yet sometimes quantity doesn't win...

NARS的Multiples比起盒裝的胭脂粉/膏貴一截, 好在有14克產品, 都還可以. 不過有是唔係質量取勝的嘛...
Copacabana is a shimmery "glistening pearl" shade, according to its website and Sephora. This kind of color turned ashy on my NC25 skin. It was difficult to dot and blend on cheekbones, and the sheen it gives to my skin makes me look greasy. That's the last thing I wanted. I imagine this might work best on other skin tones but really I've had enough of it after using it 5 times or so. I just don't find myself reaching for it and that means something.

Copacabana的顏色是閃閃的珍珠色 (但不是白色喇), 有點似生蠔灰灰的顏色 XD 這類顏色對於我的面色來說不好看, 加上它閃閃的, 好容易令人覺得你油光滿面. 我用了5次之後開始苦惱, 不知道怎處置它. 一般上, 我化妝時是隨心的, 突然想用什麼便用什麼, 如過我甚少使用某product, 你可以猜是什麼一回事了.
試色, 右面是推開了的圖:
I tried using it as an eyeshadow base and apply on the lid, which was alright. But do I need another eyeshadow primer? Probably not, as the multiple stick design is rather bulky and difficult to use it on the eyelid.

Price: Rather high for a highlighter/blush
Packaging: Quite bulky
Ease of use: Difficult as it's not easy to blend
Texture: Cream
Finish: shimmery, makes me look greasy
Scent: None
Pigmentation: Medium

Verdict: Copacabana the shade is not the best for my skin tone, it doesn't really excel as a highlighter. However this is my first foray into NARS Multiples and I'm interested in trying the same multiple in Angelika, which is a hot pink.

我試過用來做眼影底霜, 效果OK, 但有需要多一支眼影底霜嗎? 其實不用. 它的包裝亦不方便使用在眼瞼上, 會很容易出界.

價錢: 頗貴(如果用途只是highlighter來說的話)
包裝: 幾大舊/重
使用容易程度: 手背還可以, 但很難在面上推開
質感: 膏狀
效果: 閃, 看下去很油光滿面似的
香味: 沒有
上色度: 中等, 還可以的

總評: 這類灰灰的珍珠色無論怎都不會好看啦 (以本人的面色來說), 用它作為highlighter的話又不太出眾. 不過這是我第一支NARS Multiple, 我比較有興趣試試Angelika (鮮粉紅)的顏色.


  1. I've never tried a multiple, but if I did go for one I would try this one.
    Hmm, now I'm not sure what to do!!

  2. i love NAR multiples, they r so pretty and handy :D

    thx for ur lovely comment, but my skin reli isn't flawless, i smudged out some acne scars... hopefully it will heal up and i can stop editing = ="

    love ur blog again x

  3. forgot to mention that my multiple is more of a sheer blush (turks and caicos)

  4. I think the blended out swatch is absolutely gorgeous and so natural :)

  5. Honestly, the shade looks sick, like really - an ill person looks like that :o The promotional images looked so different, I'm shocked

  6. Wow.. I'm sorry it didn't work for you : / -hugs- I honestly HATE those cream shadows/multiple use products. Cream shadows, blushes, bronzers.. UGH I just don't like the idea of putting creamy stuff on my face like that >_<"

  7. I have copacabana from the beautiful life palette and i just knew it wont work for me as a highlighter when i swatched it. Looked super frosty...Not good! Im not really impressed by Nars multiples (i also have the Orgasm multiple) id rather get the powder versions ;)

  8. i really want this, it looks so beautiful :)

    Xo Christine

  9. I had the exact same problem. Tje NARS Copacabana Multiple is the only Multiple stick I tried and I really hated the way it looked on me. You're right, it leaves a ashy look to the skin. I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like this Copacabana Multiple.

  10. I've got a mini Copacabana, & it's ok - I like to use it sometimes. It's nice to highlight with when I haven't got much other make up on, but it's not the best thing I've ever tried!

    It's not too bad on m NC35 skin, but that could just be because of the tone of my skin.

  11. I haven't tried NARS yet, but I want to!

  12. Oh no! Gutted it didn't work for ya hun! I was thinking about buying this but was kinda on the fence with it. So I thought I'd try the ELF All Over Color Stik in Toasted which seemed to be a similar colour? Major fail, didn't show on my skin at all & just made it look greasy/dirty :/ Don't know if it compares to the NARS one. Although the Turks & Caicos looks nice!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  13. I haven't tried NARS Multiple but judging from the pics I'm pretty sure Copacabana wouldn't work for me either. Yeah, I think Angelika may be a better bet. :)

    (Yes, I have Wonderstruck! MAC lipgloss is my fave actually ;)

  14. Aw, that's too bad that this product didn't work out so well for you. It still gives a slight shimmer which is nice. If ever you try Angelika, hopefully that one will give you better results. ^^

  15. have you tried Luxor that one looks really pretty i think? I really want to try angelika as well!

  16. I tend to go for either liquid or powder highlighters because I find them easier to apply. I've tried some stick highlighters/blushes and they just rub my foundation off as I am applying :(

    But the shade of 'Copacabana' is quite nice :)

  17. i never tried a mulktiple, wished this one worked etter for you:)
    follow me!

  18. Thank you for this honest review! :) it's sad that it didn't work for you. i will probably stay away from this color.

  19. Hi Jen!
    Yep, it sucks when you're splurging on an expensive product and it doesn't deliver... Thanks for this review!

  20. does that look like gold tone? i wanna get other NARS multiples too :)

  21. Oh, i'm also nc25 (asian neutral warm) and i can tell you right now that any higher described as "pearly" would not work for us due to the rather cool bluish ashy sheen to it. I had the same problem with Smashbox's Soft Fusion Light in Pearl which looks SO pretty in the pan, and just made me look sorta sick. :\

    i'm glad i saw your post here, i was never attracted to the Nars Multiples, but reading this just reminded/reconfirmed my suspicions about those "pearl" highlighters lol

  22. Sorry to hear it wasn't that great on you! What is your skin tone?

  23. love this post, i think it's really important to do posts on products you don't like and also products you do like. :) i also really adore the fact that you write it in both chinese and english, i always attempt to read the chinese and then give up ahaha but it's always fun :)

  24. Ah, it's a pity that you don't have a good experience with your first NARS multiple. I haven't tried any but might be staying out of this.

    ryc: the ekiLove pouch size is just nice for carrying around! It's roomy enough to take all the essentials on the go :)

  25. love this. So stylish. Beyond glad I discovered your blog. I'm absolutely in love with this. I'd really be glad if you visit mine too. Check it out for updates every day about the latest fashion news, trends and street style. Would love your support. Kisses from Brazil xoxo

    PS: If you follow me, I'll follow you back.

  26. thanks for swatch. the shimmering effect is super lovely xD

  27. I can imagine it's quite hard to apply straight to your eyelids...

  28. oh dear~ nars copacabana in multiple doesnt cut out for you ..
    i can tell its really greasy and shimmery on your hand T.T

    i bought the copacabana in illuminator form (runny) iridescent pearly with subtle pink hint finishing as eye primer, higher checkbones and nose highlighter
    its working for me!!

    what are you using as eye primer?

    i bought the angelika in multiple!!since you are giving me the puppy doll eye! LE screaming out~ haha its blendable but might cake with my loose powder eek!
    so gotta apply loose powder after angelika

  29. so sorry it didn't work for you. I think that's where NARS fails, highlighters. I tried their orgasmn illuminator in sample size. was not impressed at all...

    How are you?

  30. I have so many highlighters...but your post and swatches are so tempting.

  31. So sorry that I haven't been commenting much. Too engrossed with baking fake desserts in my fake cafe (Cafe Life has overtaken my life =.=)

    I have the same highlighter except that mine is in the pan form and I have yet to reach for it, been using a cheapie alternative haha! Gotta dust it off and see whether it works for me since we have similar skintones and all!!

  32. Yeah, the snow is starting to melt now :) It says online that the moisturizer by MAC is permanent in the US but in Asia its a limited edition.

    Xo Christine


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