Monday, February 6, 2012

GLAMABOX x REVLON Color Burst Lip Butters Launch Event // Glamabox X Revlon 發佈會

GLAMABOX is another Beauty Box company that has been launched a while ago in Hong Kong. I always say, the more the merrier as it's the customers who gets the nicest things out of intense competition between companies. It was an absolute pleasure to attend GLAMABOX X Revlon Color Burst Lip Butters launch event, the moment I saw the hot pink box I knew something must be good inside! The spokesperson of GLAMABOX is Lisa S., she and her Team handpicked the finest niche brands selections to be delivered to you each month.

GLAMABOX 是香港其中一間提供美容禮盒的公司, 我常說, 市場上眾多Beauty Box公司陸續加入, 對愛美的朋友來說是好事啊!最近和 Revlon 聯手舉很行發佈會, 單是鮮粉紅色的盒子已經很搶眼吧! 一看就知有好東西介紹了, GLAMABOX 的代言人是 Lisa S., 每個月她會和GLAMABOX Team挑選世界各地鮮為人知的品牌送到你家門口.

GLAMABOX Team and Beauty Panel on the latest Revlon Color Burst Lip Butters being released, sharing their love for the lipsticks.

GLAMABOX Team 和 Beauty Panel 談論最新推出的 Revlon Color Burst Lip Butters 唇膏.

Close shot at some of the Revlon releases, a total of 10 shades are available in HK.

近鏡其中4色, 總共有10款顏色.

Left: Peach Parfait, Middle: Pink Truffle, Right: Sugar Plum

Aligned with the 'dessert' themed shades of the Revlon butters, Sift cupcakes and VERO handmade chocolates were put on display.

以唇膏的顏色名字為題, 當日有 Sift cupcakes, VERO 朱古力作擺設.

And since there are 'truffles' in the release, how could we leave macaroons alone?


We all had instant makeover using the Revlon Lip Butters! I tried on the shade "Peach Parfait" and it felt buttery and glossy on the lips, it's also very moisturizing.

大家即場試 Revlon Lip Butters, 我用了 "Peach Parfait", 質感很smooth.

*Drumroll* The Revlon butters aside, I think GLAMABOX really sets themselves apart by emphasizing the brands they selected do not belong to the mainstream category - let's take a look at the contents in the February (aka Valentine's Day) GLAMABOX!

除了Lip Butters外, 主角當然是二月份的 GLAMABOX 啦, GLAMABOX 標榜介紹獨有非主流品牌, 這樣的描述很正確!

Greeted with coupons for hair salons, nail care, etc:


- Enprani Retinol x 8 Extra Repair Solution (HK$250, 15ml) 精華
- Talika Smile & Kiss 2 in 1 Treatment (HK$340, 6ml) 唇部護理
- YMCK Professional Nail Polish in navy green (HK$118, 12ml) 甲油
- DrD Shampoo & Conditioner Travel Set (HK$68, 40ml) 洗頭水
- Stephen James Organic Beauty Berry Bar (HK$45, 39.5g) 健康食品
- Chocola BB Drink (HK$66, 50ml x 3 bottles) 美肌飲品
- PS Group Gift Vouchers (HK$1920...I'll leave it up to your imagination on this one) 優惠卷
- Glamabox Charm limited for Valentine's Day

Enprani is a Korean brand and I'm new to it, the bottled drinks aren't new to the market but I haven't tried them yet. While I'm not sure if I need the Talika Smile & Kiss Treatment at all, Talika is a brand hard to locate here.

Enprani 是韓國品牌, 筆者還未接觸過, 至於美肌飲品雖然不是新東西但從來都沒嘗過. 那支唇部護理的東東, 我未必用得著, 但以我所知, Talika 在本地很難找的.

Curious about the previous contents of GLAMABOX? You can view here. Previously they included brands like Sleek, GLAMABOX really lives up to their claim by introducing niche brands to fellow beauty addicts. You can have all the latest beauty innovations at just HK$108 per month now!

如果你想知以往的GLAMABOX的內容, 可在這裡看看, 我看到以往曾經有介紹 Sleek這個品牌. 若你對最新的美容科技產品有興趣的話, 現在可以 HK$108 訂閱啦!


  1. What a great event - and yummy snacks!

  2. looks like a fun event! and so many sweet goodies! xD

  3. This event looks absoloutly fabulous darling!

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  4. hahah this is awesome! :) i love those lip butters, and the event sounds super cool.


  5. OH man, even HK gets lip butters before we do. FAIL :(

    ooh Lisa S is Daniel Wu's wife right?]

    p.s: Nice to see you blogging again! :)we missed you!

  6. Oooo exciting!! Revlon lip butters in HK...I hope this means they will launch soon in Japan where I live. CANNOT WAIT!

  7. Are the drinks those BB cream drinks I've read about? The event looked really fun, everyone needs one of those butters in their life!

  8. OEHHHHH 我要,我要!! I want those lip butters !! They don't sell it here T____T

  9. Great Blog ! ;)
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  10. I absolutely love checking out what other countries' beauty subscription boxes feature!! Have you recieved other ones since?


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