Thursday, March 8, 2012

It razzles, it dazzles, it's Swarovski crystals!

With the spring season sprung out in full force, the latest release by Swarovski is aptly named "Swing Sing, Shine Spring", no girls could resist the candy-floss pink and lilac-colored bling blings. Let's start off with some pastel-colored pieces...but behold, the real bling bling comes below!

Swarovski announced their new launch at The French Window, transforming the high-end restaurant with a sleek runway:

Get your shades ready, the new jewelry pieces are oooh-so-bright...

Love these bracelets and bangles!

The new pieces were displayed amongst marshmallows, jelly beans and sparkling beads.

Now onto the runway showcase! (Totally love all the dresses!)

The whole lineup of the new release includes necklaces, bangles, rings, earrings, watches, etc, there'd surely be something for everyone.

Cupcake-making session by Swarovski x Let Them Eat Cake cupcake store:

The new collection launches just in time for the spring season, as the weather gets warmer and clothes being thinner, its time for the jewelery to come out of your closets I say :D


  1. I adore Swarovski. I love how playful they showed off the pieces (and I love how pink the decor is). I really love the Swanflower bangles.

  2. super pretty! so shiny~ and the dresses are so beautiful as well!

  3. My GOD that is just so pretty D:

  4. I love the bangles!! And those dresses are gorgeous! I want! XD

  5. So beautiful, everything is so delicate and gorgeous!


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