Thursday, March 22, 2012

Get $150 off with any Aerosoles Purchase!// 穿上萬花筒的好鞋子

If you can't wear a kaleidoscope of colors on your face, wear it on your soles! With Spring and Summer approaching, I spotted vibrant hues of colors in the Aerosoles line-up for S/S 2012. Loafers, Wedges, Flats, Gladiator sandals, strappy sandals, heels, there's gotta be something for everyone. And I'm gonna tell you which pair I have laid my eyes on!

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如果你不敢化個鮮豔的妝容, 那就穿上鮮色的鞋子吧! 春夏季隨時殺到, 當然要準備好新鞋啦! Aerosoles 春夏系列選了紅, 黃, 藍, 粉紅, 橙色等色調, 令你舉首投足都咁受注目.

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These patent wedges come in different colors at the base of your soles.


I have laid my eyes on the pair of red flats below! Look on your right, see how foldable (read: comfy and soft) these flats are? The rims of the flats are made from soft leather so it won't scratch your feet, very thoughtful design, hmmm!

我看中了這對紅色平底鞋 - 看來很柔軟啊. 鞋的邊用皮製成, 保證不會刮腳, 很貼心的設計!

Look at what the model is wearing - I'm totally dying for the pink strappy wedges this spring!!

看看 model 著的是什麼!

Should I pick the ones in blue or in pink you reckon?


More strappy wedges:


Colorful gladiator sandals - I have tried the white one and is super comfy on the feet - no scratching at all.

很colorful 的羅馬涼鞋 - 我試了白色那對, 舒服得很, 完全沒有刮腳.

Even the wedges are made of flexible and foldable materials on the soles - therefore they don't weigh your feet down. The shoes feel light on the hands too.

即使是厚底船掙鞋, Aerosoles 都選用有彈性及柔軟度的質料, 令鞋子輕身不少之餘, 還方便活動呢.

I have never seen such colorful colors appearing on loafers - only brown and black colors exist in my mind when it comes to loafers. The ones in red and navy blue are soooo ready to set sail on a boat trip!

我從未見過如此色彩繽紛的 loafers, loafers 平時給我的感覺多是黑色和啡色. 下面的紅色和深藍 loafers 最岩去 boat trip著啊!

What do you say? Should I pick this pair of flats or the strappy wedges in pink that the model is wearing? I can't choose!

我應該選這對紅色平底鞋還是model穿著的粉紅色船掙涼鞋好呢? >_<


  1. I definitely think you should go for the strappy wedges! They are absolutely adorable :)

  2. Definitely the wedges - they look super cute on the model.


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