Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life's but a Peach - Movie Premiere of "A Simple Life" // <桃姐>電影首映

Even though I'm a cinema lover, I do exercise caution when it comes to local productions. Once in a while I gave the go-ahead and place a wager, and most of them turned out to be decent surprises! I was lucky to be invited to the movie premiere of "A Simple Life" starring Andy Lau, it is a heart-warming flick which caught me by surprise.

The movie premiere, sponsored by Grey Goose Vodka, was held at iSquare in Tsim Sha Tsui. Not only the world's best tasting vodka producer, Grey Goose lends support to film festivals, the Oscars and Cannes. The were brought in by them to HK since 2011.

"A Simple Life" documents what might be THE LIFE of an average person - getting old, falling sick, losing what you used to own, seeing others pass deals with nothing but life, love and death. But there's more to the story: love between an old woman servant who had been serving the family for generations and the young master. THE kind of love that makes you heartily smile with tears formed in your eyes.

At the premiere, two cocktails were served before the screening, namely "A Simple Life" and "The Peach Tea". The two cocktails were inspired by the movie, adding Chinese tea, Peach Syrup, Ginger Syrup and Lemon juice to Grey Goose Vodka, here comes "A Simple Life" which we wanted life to be - sweet and gingerly. "The Peach Tea" beautifully blends Grey Goose vodka with English Tea and Peach Syrup - the taste reminds everyone of their good ol' days - they were nothing but nostalgia (or what is coined as "Golden Age Thinking" from Midnight in Paris movie).


  1. ooh i wanna watch this!! cant wait for it to come out

  2. Thanks for this post ^___^ i love watching HK movies coz i miss it so much >< the drinks look really nice ^^

  3. I can't wait to watch this and I love that your drinkin it out of the bottle!

  4. did you get to see andy lau at the event? i probably need a whole box of tissue for this movie.


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