Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Organic Pharmacy Collagen Boost Mask Review

Somewhere near my birthday I was gifted with this bottle of best-smelling-ever face mask. Hence, this Collagen Boost Mask marked my first venture into the world of organic skincare.

不久之前收到 The Organic Pharmacy 的 Collagen Boost Mask 作禮物, 一打開瓶子便有一陣清爽的香味撲面而黎!! 這是我第一次試有機美容品牌的護膚品啊.

The Organic Pharmacy is made in the UK, the bottle is made of glass and contains 50ml of product with a squeeze pump discharge. My guess is that the glass bottle can keep the organic contents inside fresh (versus plastic or tub packaging, which might lead to contamination by air bacteria).

The Organic Pharmacy 是出自英國的品牌, 這支面膜用玻璃樽包裝, 有50ml 附有喞唧噴咀. 照我估計, 採用玻璃樽包裝有助保存內裡的有機物質, 比塑膠或開蓋瓶子包裝更衛生, 你說是不是?

Directions for use: Apply on clean skin until it absorbed, no need to wash off afterwards. Apply your moisturizer after 10 minutes to allow ample time for absorption.

用法: 於清洗面部後塗上, 不用洗掉. 10 分鐘後再塗面霜, 簡單得很.

I particularly appreciate that the mask is free from any preservatives, artificial fragrances, colorants, chemicals...I couldn't believe it because THIS STUFF SMELLS SO GOOD!! Like fresh squeezed lemons and oranges I'm not kidding!

我特別欣賞這支面膜是沒有使用人造香料, 色素, 化學劑及防腐劑. 但它的香味清新得很, 像鮮榨的檸檬和橙一樣!

The texture is not thicky, it's quite watery in fact. I applied on my face and it gets absorbed extremely quick (like within 5 mins) and does not leave a sticky residue! Was impressed at the results because this mask left my skin smooth, smells heavenly and bouncy (if this makes sense)! Here's how it looks:

質感偏薄, 水分比較多, 我塗在面後 5分鐘內已被吸收, 絕對沒有黏著的感覺. 很神奇的事發生了: 皮膚即時變得很滑, 很香以及很有彈性!

Smoothed over:

Verdict: Even though this came with a hefty price tag, and sold only at exclusive Department Store counters, I'm blown over by the smell and the results. I'm sooo going to try their best-selling moisturizer next!

即使呢支面膜不便宜, 只在指定高檔專櫃有售, 有機護膚品的威力令我很意外! 有機會的話我要試試它們的面霜啊!


  1. looks like a nice mask! i wont mind purchasing it despite the price :) i need more collagen in my face products thanks for the review!!

  2. nice! i am always looking for new skincare products and recently i've been very interested in more natural/paraben-free/petrolatum-free products. :) i just got the JuJu natural aloe toner which i love! please check out my makeup blog when you get a chance :)


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