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5 reasons I'm in LOVE with MoroccanOil //愛上MoroccanOil 的 5大理由

I'm a fuss-free person and the same goes with the way I care about my hair, I asked for a fuss-free style of cut so that I don't have to blow dry or style each morning JUST BECAUSE I don't have the time to. In simple words, I don't care for my hair besides the washing bit and drying bit. Let me repeat, my hair was the last thing I care in the world since I was a kid. UNTIL...I met my bottle of MoroccanOil that completely changed the way I look at my hair.

(my hubby would probably get jealous when he reads this title but oh well, LOL)

每談及頭髮護理, 我坦認是個很懶的人. 因為很忙的關係, 除了洗頭及吹頭外, 平時並不會打理, gel 頭. 直至我認識了生命裡的第一支 MoroccanOil, 它令我對頭髮護理完全改觀.

(啊有人看到這個標題會很妒忌, 哈哈)

I met my bottle of MoroccanOil at bar Salon la Hair, where I was given a chance to try adding MoroccanOil prior to color treatment.

我是在 bar Salon la Hair 髮型屋認識 MoroccanOil 的, 我打算把頭髮染成令一隻顏色, 而在染色之前先塗 MoroccanOil.
Here's how my hair looked like prior to treatment: dry, tangled, split ends, without shine.

使用MoroccanOil 及染色前的頭髮: 乾旱, 毛燥, 打結, 開叉, 缺乏光澤.
The lovely Katrina helped incorporating a few drops of MoroccanOil to my color treatment. The very generous Canon helped me with picking a hair color - I went for dark purple.

髮型屋的Katrina及Canon很好人的給我挑選顏色, 及塗上幾滴MoroccanOil 才給頭髮上色. 我選的是深紫色.
Voilaaaa! Here's my new hair - glossy, smooth, no more knots and split ends!

登登登登! 新的頭髮變得有光澤, 柔順, 無打結和開叉了!

I swear I could hear the angels singing with such a glossy shine on my hair!

I was very impressed by how a few drops of MoroccanOil could change the way I think about color treatment. Color treatments possess tons of chemicals, ammonia and synthetics that they usually make my hair coarse and rough to the touch in post-treatment stage. I have been religiously in using MoroccanOil after my hair wash everyday, prior to blow-drying. And the reasons why I love it:

1. It protects hair - I'm friends with split ends and knots on my hair before, now no more such issues. The ends of my hair are smooth and knots-free, just the way I want my hair regimen to be, fuss-free!

2. It helps hair color dye to last - hair color usually fades into a lighter wash, say 2-3 weeks after the color dye. I have been using MoroccanOil daily ever since the color dye treatment and my hair looks as good as new!

3. It makes my hair dry faster - I didn't believe this until I actually tried. Apply MoroccanOil after hair wash and prior to drying. I rub the size of a coin on my hair and use my blow dryer - my hair dries in 10 minutes instead of the 15-20 minutes it usually took.

4. It locks in hair moisture - my hair has evidently gone from dry and tangled to smooth and no fly-outs, plus it feels soft to the touch.

5. It adds natural shine to your hair - no more dull-looking hair. Hello to a glossy and angelic shine!

幾滴MoroccanOil 已經足夠改變我如可看待染髮 染髮劑含有很多化學物質, 令頭髮質地變粗糙. 這次染髮後我保持使用MoroccanOil差不多一個月了, 我在每日頭髮後及乾前塗上它. 喜歡MoroccanOil 的 5大原因

1 它保護頭髮 - 我的頭髮和打結及開叉做朋友,現在沒有這樣的問題髮尾光滑,柔順.

2 它能保持頭髮的顏色 - 染髮後的顏色通常1-2星期後變淡. 自染髮後每日一直在使用它,顏色看起來像新的一樣

3 它令濕的頭髮乾得更快 - 直到真正嘗試之前我並不相信. 洗頭後和吹前塗MoroccanOil, 大約一個硬幣大小, 使用吹風機, 10分鐘乾晒, 慳返5-10分鐘時間.

4 它鎖住頭髮水分 - 頭髮不再乾燥和糾結, 加上感十分柔軟.

5 它給頭髮自然光澤 - 再沒有暗啞頭髮了.取而代之的是天使般的光環和光澤.

This was the salon where I had the color treatment - the decorative is pink-themed and looked like a dollhouse with pink-colored walls. It's located in the convenient Causeway Bay and there's a nail parlour if you want to feel extra pampered.

Salon 以粉紅色的裝飾做主題, 粉紅色牆壁像女孩的部屋, 位於銅鑼灣.

I happily took my bottle of MoroccanOil home. The packaging is very thoughtful: the plastic cap would be replaced by a squeeze pump to make sure the oil stays hygienic and fresh. Bottle is made of glass instead of plastic, glass ensure the contents well-kept and not so much affected by temperature or the sunlight.

我高興地拉著我的瓶子回家包裝設計很細心塑料瓶蓋,可變做擠壓,以確保內裡油分保持衛生和新鮮。以玻璃代替塑膠確保保存內容完好, 不受溫度陽光影響

Here I am - extremely happy after having met my MoroccanOil and using it religiously, the bottle is huge and a little goes a long way! If you are like me, who wants the least to do with your hair, then you should at least give this Oil a try - it'll make the difference of a life time, and your hair will thank you. Guaranteed.

非常開心結識了MoroccanOil,並很神心的使用它. 如果像我一樣甚少為你的頭髮打理, 那麼你至少應該嘗試MoroccanOil - 因為它易用和大大改善了髮質, 你既頭髮一定會好感激你!


  1. I use that morrocan oil aswell, its brilliant

  2. I never tried Moroccan oil as I don't really like the slimy feeling it gives my hair :C I thought about trying it, but I heard that Moroccan oil is super pricy.. and though I love my hair - I'm not gonna spend THAT kind of money on it XD
    Your hair color is SUPER fancy btw! Love it : D

  3. I've heard so many good things about the Morrocan oil, I'm still waiting to try it. It looks like it has done wonders on your hair though!!

  4. Ok, now I think I'm convinced about the virtues of Morrocanoil! The "after" pic is pretty phenomenal!!!

  5. I've heard so many good things about morrocan oil. I must try it sometime.

  6. Oooo this makes me want to go out and get a bottle of my own. It definitely gave you great results - your hair looks so smooth and shiny now. I love the new hair color too!

  7. Oh wow! The difference is sooo noticable! Hope you're enjoying healthier hair now! I just make sure to condition and mask often! I don't color or heat style my hair so I probably won't need oil repair anytime soon :p

  8. I started using Morrocan Oil a few weeks ago too and am loving the results. I'm so glad that I finally decided to try it. I bought the travel-sized bottle in the light formula. I recently bought the original formula since I will be going to color my hair tomorrow.


  9. I have a bottle of this just lying aroudn my room... you convinced me to use it!

  10. I love Moroccanoil too. Got mine from at a great price!

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  12. Moroccan Oil is one of the best product for hair.i would refer my friends and relatives to use it and in most of the Hair Salon they used as main product for treatment


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