Thursday, April 19, 2012

Foundation that lasts from Coffee to Cocktails - Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish SPF15 // 返工放工都緊貼皮膚 - Bobbi Brown全新Long Wear Even Finish SPF15粉底液

Sometime before Easter, I was invited by Anthia and Sylvia to experience an intense workout session after work, and of course to try Bobbi Brown's new liquid foundation. I arrived at the venue, changed into gym outfits in no time, and had my face patted on with the new Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation by Bobbi Brown. I was excited to see how this foundation fares after an intense 45-minute workout session!

復活節前,我Anthia和Sylvia邀請體驗Bobbi Brown新的無厚持久粉底液到達會場,換上運動,塗無厚持久粉底液. 我很期待經過45分鐘劇烈運動後的粉底液會變成如何

Beautiful gardens decorated with makeup booths and displays, the greens in the background echoed with the brand's emphasis on "natural" beauty I suppose:

自然和諧的花園裝飾,前面是一個個的化妝攤位,我想是呼應 Bobbi Brown品牌“自然美"概念

The new Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation with SPF15 could last through any busy lady's day at work - to share with you, my makeup stays with me from 7:30am til sometimes 11pm, depending on the luck I had that day. I blot my face in early afternoon everyday.

新的無厚持久粉底液擁有SPF15, 能持續到都市女性忙碌的一 - 說說我自己吧妝容我一直上午7:30到晚10時, 每天中午就要輕輕吸油及補妝

Time to hit the aerobics class with a professional trainer from NIKE:


We had aerobics intensely for a little more than 30 minutes and of course sweated heavily, yet it was indeed very enjoyable! Moving makes me feel good :) Let's see how the foundation wears after intense exercise.

運動使人感覺很好 :) 雖只是30 分鐘, 汗流浹背的感覺令我感到很愉快! 是時後看看面上的粉底變得如何了.
The results were impressive. Despite I sweated a lot during the exercise, my foundation stayed on dewy and fresh. It DOES NOT MELT with my sweat. I happily bagged a bottle home and have been using it ever since I got it.

無厚持久粉底液沒有令我失望! 儘管在運動期間大汗淋漓 粉底液依然保持完好, 沒有被汗水融掉回家後便一直在使用它

As the bottle says: Moving makes you feel good! I say, with Bobbi's new Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation, working out hard at gym has never been better! The gel-based texture of the Foundation delivers my skin perfect coverage without being cakey, and it's moisturizing too. My tinted moisturizer had been abandoned by me in favour of Bobbi's new foundation now XD you can't blame me for such a choice can you? It's like second skin. And the best thing? It lasts on my skin from 7:30 AM til 10:00 PM when I got home from work!

像瓶身:運動使你感覺良好我說,Bobbi的新的無厚持久粉底液令我不再害怕進行劇烈健身運動了 粉底質地沒有cake住皮膚表層, 遮瑕度頗高, 還很保濕Tinted Moisturizer從此被我遺棄了, Bobbi的新的無厚持久粉底液就像第二層皮膚最棒的是, 它能維持上午7:30直到10:00 PM下班回家

The bottle comes with a squeeze pump and smells heavenly. It has SPF15.

瓶子採用擠壓SPF15, 氣味很清新.

How the texture looks like: not runny like water, not icky either! It's made of gel-base.

因為是 gel-base 的關係, 所以質地不會水汪汪亦不會過厚.

Blending out:
I love adding a few drops of liquid highlighters / illuminators with my Tinted Moisturizer before and this applies to whenever I wear liquid foundations too. The effect is so glowyyyyy and I have had so many compliments about my complexion being radiant after trying this combo :D yay thanks to Bobbi!

我一直很愛把幾滴光影液體加在Tinted Moisturizer 或粉底上,再塗上面,效果很有光澤! 自用了這方法之後, 都不斷有人稱讚我的面色健康了 :D 真的要多謝 Bobbi!

I have found my new love and it's this foundation that stays with me from AM to PM. Now I just need ONE THING and what's that? A decent foundation brush! Any recs? Do share!

Long Wear Even Finish 粉底已成新寵,現在我只需要一樣東西,那是什麼一支粉底掃!有推介的你不妨分享下吧!


  1. I go to the gym quite often so this looks like a foundation that I need to try and give a shot! The event looks like it's a lot of fun, and thanks for sharing your review!

  2. You got me wanting to try this foundation out now! I've been looking for a long-wearing formula and this BB one looks like it will fit the bill. Thanks for the rec!

  3. hi Jenn! how have you been? its good to know you've been blogging! this BB foundation sounds great! i will try it, i need a foundation which can withstand extreme humidity and sweating due to our really hot weather :)

    what kind of foundation brush do you need, im currently using Charm's flat top stippling brush and i love it! let me send you one so you can try. :)

  4. Sounds too good to be true! I don't think US has this foundation yet.
    I didn't know wearing makeup and working out was okay.

  5. you made me want to have this foundation now!!I have to check the BB counter soon! I would definitely recommend Sigma F80, its definitely the best foundation brush for me! ^_^~

  6. You've got me super excited for this foundation! I would wear it during a workout session but it's good to know it won't melt off during one!
    The formula sounds like it would work really well with the Real Techniques Buffing brush. I wear a gel-based foundation by Bourjois and it applies best with it!

  7. umm ur hubby would be jealous of ur last paragraph

  8. Shiseido Foundation brush! There are two versions, I got mine on Adambeauty which is the #131, there's the other one available at the counter.

  9. The magic brush from Cargo seems really nice for liquid foundation (even though it absorbs quite a bit of product, it's portable and doesn't leave strokes)...but I hate to wash it though, since it's so freaking dense (and hard to dry) that daily use seems to be impossible unless you have multiple ones lying around.


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