Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Eyeshadows #24, #25, #26, #27, #28 & #29 Swatches// Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill ACQUA 防水眼影試色圖

Hello beauties, I've had these little gems for over 2 months already and I've finally got around to posting swatches :P I'll let the vivid and intense colours blow you away now so you'll forgive my late posting haha. The newly released 6 ETKs (Eyes To Kill shadows) are part of the ACQUA Collection this summer. Their numbers are #24 - #29.

Without further ado, I'll keep this post short and sweet, and let the pictures do the talking.

#24 Smoky Copper; shade is mainly composed of black with flecks of copper:

#25 Rusted Gold; dots of golds dispersed among the black backdrop:

For easy comparison, I've put #24 and #25 next to each other and you'll be able to see one is clearly copper (looks more orange) and another is gold. You may click to enlarge the photos.

#26 Carat Gold: a gold leaning towards copper/orange (say, if compared to the previous golds released).

#27 Oxidised Silver; a shade hard to pin down yet the most fascinating - it's a mixture that resembles oxidised iron with flecks of grey: 

#28 Red Platine; I like to call this a 'Rose Gold' because there are veins of rose and berries among the gold:

#26 and #28 put next to each other: you will see that one is purely copper gold while the other carries berry-tones.

#29 Rose Titanium: a platinum silver lined with cotton candy pinks: it look completely different from #7 Sweet Fire pictured here

Swatches on arm: indoors and outdoors. If you can't justify owning all 6, my picks would be #26, #27, #28. But definitely #27 since it's such a dimensional and complex shade, it looks taupe-ish outdoors and warm reddish brown indoors! 

I hope these swatches help! Let me know if you have bagged any!

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