Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bring on the autumn breeze...with new pieces from Jack Wills!

If I have to pick, autumn is my favourite time of the year. Minus the heat and sweat from summer, comes the breeze and first chill as the weather slowly steps into Autumn. I was lucky enough to be able to preview their new collection for Fall/Winter 2012, way before the slightest temperature drop in the city.

This season, well be seeing a lot of knits and jumpers, which are signature British pieces as introduced by Lauren Mead, Jack Will's Brand Coordinator, who was there and kind enough to show us around. That golden poppy jumper in the pic is definitely up in my alley.

Jack Wills got the most spacious and luxurious fitting rooms - in signature British style pictures, postcards and decor.

Has anyone tried their makeup range? I'm a bit curious at the lipsticks and liners!

The other pieces in the Autumn/Winter lineup comprises of rich autumn hues - auburn reds, dark blues, browns and mustard yellows.

Peter Pan collar dresses scream British country style!

Knits and jumpers - why, of course, features British birds! 

Jack Wills collaborating with CORDINGS and brings us the warmest jacket to beat the cold. Don't you just love the floral inner lining? It looks so vintage!

This one-piece dress - is 100% made from silk and hand-woven...there's only a handful of stock in the store, so grab yours when it's still here!

Here's Lauren showcasing the Season's new prints bandeau dresses - I personally like the chiffon blouse she's wearing too!

I"ve always loved blazers - the long tailored ones for women and guys alike. Expect to see more knits, yarns and sweats in the lineup. It's time to get a grandpa cardi/sweater/jumper if you haven't got one :P even though it's from the men's section, they'll look amazing on skinny built girls.

What are the things that made you think they are 'distinctly British'? For me, its jumpers, knits, trench coats and wellies! Oh and while you're at Jack Wills, don't forget to take a sniff of their For Him and For Her perfumes - both smell equally amazing!


  1. Their pieces are so lovely! It's my first time seeing it. I just love the peter pan collared's so nice :D

  2. Love the collection! I really liked the Peter Pan collar items. I'm still trying to find the right one for me.


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