Sunday, November 11, 2012

Give the gift of British vintage style...Cath Kidston's new store offerings!

Cath Kidston has taken over HK by storm since last year and makes us obsessed with vintage style floral prints, polka dots, etc. I was delighted to find out that Cath Kidston has opened a flagship store finally - amid the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay! 

Gingersnaps and floral printed table cloth conjured an image of a cosy and home-friendly store.

Holiday offerings from Cath store, including hand cream coffrets, soaps, towels, bath and body care products nearly wrapped in gift boxes!

And no Cath Kidston product can be without signature floral and polka dots prints.

They even introduced the accessories and jewelry section here:

cute polka-dot themed cupcakes: the white dots reminded me of snowflakes during winter (there's no snow in HK but one could always imagine, ha!)

Some vintage decor of the store: printed wallpaper, cupboards with yarn and a sewing machine:

Wallets & purses:

No Cath Kidston home could do without their signature big mugs and teacups! Don't you just adore the red kitchen cupboard?

Beauty offerings from Cath - these would make great Xmas gifts! From soaps to lip balms, hand creams to bath melts, Cath Kidston has got you covered from head to toe.

There's also a Kids Section at Cath store - look at the egg cup, it revived many of my childhood memories associated with eggs - its just adorable! I wish it was sold on its own! LOL

Cath Kidston's collaboration with MACLAREN's baby prams...ohmygod! And kids' size bathrobes! <3 p="p">

Be sure to check out this cool vintage store brought straight from Great Britain. Everything in the store is just delightful - from decor to the products to the vibe and colors...the store just adds some vintage vibe to the busy commercial district in Causeway Bay, which makes it so unique!


  1. Great post! Love those polka dot cup set :) SO cute!

  2. Will definitely be checking this out when I take a trip to HK this December! Can't wait! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thanks for your kind comment, Jenni :D

    I really like Kath Kidston too, it's also very popular in Japan!

  4. I would always be broke if I lived anywhere near one of her stores.

  5. omg i need to make a note of this place! must visit when im back next! :)


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