Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Viva la Vida...VIVA LA JUICY! (Long live life...Long live JUICY)

Wondering about the post title? If you're a fan of Coldplay then you'll know how to live your life in the Juicy way! Viva La Juicy, launched a while ago, has captured the essence of a Juicy life in a bottle. Want to know how? Read on, I have a 30ml bottle to show you today!

The design of the packaging and bottle carries the signature hot pink color which is so prominently featured in Juicy Couture fashion items. This statement color symbolizes a bold, loud, daring yet feminine figure, which aligns with the fashion brand itself. 

I'm completely smitten with the hot pink bow on the bottle cap when I got my hands on it, it's certainly something I'd like to place on my dressing table! It feels preppy, girly and royal-like. The scent itself is another pleasant surprise. One spray would fill the air with whiffs of caramel, vanilla and praline base. I'm usually a fan of more crisp and fresh/woodsy scents, but I'm really surprised to find myself reaching for Viva La Juicy every morning! In fact I've been wearing nothing but THIS ever since I was gifted with the bottle. The scent cheers me up on a dull morning.

Viva La Juicy opens with notes of mandarin, luscious peach nectar, wild berries. Can you guess the word I'm about to say? The bottle is so full of JUICY goodness of fruits!

The next layer blended fresh gardenia, jasmine, coconut orchids, which bring together a soft, warm and romantic vibe.

You could smell ambery and vanilla dry-down with whiffs of caramel and praline at the end of your day. This is what I called "Femininity and Sensuality well-captured" just in a bottle. This is what a fun-loving and sweet-at-heart girl would wear, yet she never misses out chances to have fun and possibly be a bit mischievous. Life is indeed too short to be taken seriously, if you ask me. Which is why, I'm not only a total convert of the scent itself, but the message this scent conveys, to live life at the moment. "Viva La Vida" - which means "Long live life" literally, is how a girl at my age would want her life to be. (I'm not too sure about a life that's "Inevitable", LOL.)

Compared with "Couture Couture" and "Peace Love and Juicy" fragrances also by Juicy Couture, I gotta say Viva La Juicy suits my personality the best. The dry-down is also exceedingly nice for an EDP. "Couture Couture" leans more towards the crisp and spicy side, while "Peace Love and Juicy" leans towards the sweeter side. Viva La Juicy is just about right!

Viva La Juicy is sold at Juicy Couture stores, and their new fragrance counter at Facesss, Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui. The scent is sold at 30ml ($560), 50ml ($740) and 100ml ($950). The bigger the hot pink satin bow, the merrier they say.


  1. wow I can never write a in-depth reveiew on perfume - you did a great job.. really descriptive!

  2. oo i got the roll on, i love this scent!

  3. Sorry if I sound like a space cadet but I realized you are blogging again. I followed your blog a couple of years ago but you stopped for an indefinite period of time. So happy to see you are posting again. :) Will check your blog more often now.

  4. you are great on describing scents! I, honestly would just go for nice or bad interms of perfume, lolz~ love this post! =)

  5. Though it's super pricey, I wanna get it for my mom :) She really wants it for Christmas!

  6. Great review! i think I might have to try this one, it sounds like my type of scent :D

  7. Come at me gurl! : D I'm not attending classes from Dec. 20th-Feb. 28th or something. Got plenty of time to hang out if you want : D

  8. Great review!! i love Juicy Couture :D


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