Monday, December 3, 2012

Let your feet breathe at new GEOX flagship store @Central

The other week I scurried to a new store opening in the heart of Central - why, it's none other than GEOX. If you don't know yet, GEOX is famous for shoes that can 'breathe'. That night, the president of GEOX Mario Moretti Polegato, designer Patrick Cox and actress Tavia Yeung celebrated the store opening.

And boy, was it crowded. Patrick Cox and Polegato were talking about their collaboration - and the GEOX concept of merging Italian quality with contemporary styles and put it onto footwear and apparel. In fact, some of the guys' wing-tips and loafers look damn great. I've had my eye on a few wedged moccasins!

GEOX plans to expand its stores to up to 20 by the year 2014. What intrigued me was that the soles from GEOX were both waterproof yet breathable 0 very tiny pores on the sole membrane that allows sweat and heat to dissipate, keeping the insoles dry. 

The ladies' shoes for this season is nothing short of vibrant hues and rich texture like suede, nylon and leather.  Flats can last you throughout the year but as winter is snapping up its pace, every girl should own a pair of knee-high boots that can withstand snow (if you're abroad), or the occasional rain patches (like what Hong Kong has seen for almost 2 weeks of gloomy weather).

Go check out the store and pick your breathable pair of shoes now!


  1. Looks like a great event. I miss being able to wear boots, there's no need for those here in Malaysia.

  2. wow 20 new stores! thats a freaking lot!! fun event it seems :)


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