Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wrap your Christmas up with seasonal offerings from Jack Wills!

I definitely have caught a bug this season - that's the Jack Wills bug of course. Being very fond of everything British (don't blame me...HK is a post-colonial place) and I LOVE my time in London a few years ago, let alone the honourable mention of preppy college outfits.

The other day I attended the Christmas preview held by Lauren at Jack Wills store on Leighton Road. It was a pleasure to drop by the place as always, cozy and classy. As December is snapping up its pace, do expect to see quite a festive collection newly displayed at the store.

First and foremost, it's a bandeau dress with tartan print. I absolutely adore tartan, in scarves, dresses, capes, skirts or headbands, no girl can ever have enough of tartans! This dress would look devilishly sexy with a pair of black heels.

Next up are two dresses in black & white with a low-back cut and a bow at the back. I've been told that the cut was made especially to enhance the female figure. I can't decide which one looks better, I JUST LOVE BOTH COLORS!

Next is a very retro-looking double-knit jumper. Nothing beats a warm and fluffy jumper in the cold snaps! That lilac blue is just screaming WINTER! 

And what would be more handy than a long-line parka with a fur-trim within? I don't own one yet so maybe its time to consider getting one! It looks very versatile and could go along with virtually anything from jeans to skirts.

Cape in tartan!! Do I need to say more? I love tartan and I love capes. Make sure you wear a pair of boots underneath though :)

Gilets for the guys ;)

Shirts in festive tartan print again, that shirt screams Christmas at your face.

If you have been wanting to shop at Jack Wills, look no further and seize your chance now. They're doing an awesome promotion. Spend $1,500 and you'll get a tote bag for free; spend $3,000 and you'll get a tote bag plus a beanie for free; spend $5,000 and you'll get the two gifts above, plus a Jack Wills headphones. ROAR!! My wallet is literally peeing its pants from excitement!

If you are still figuring out what to buy for friends for can take a look at their awesome Holiday Gifts collection. It ranges from makeup bags, cards, stationery, makeup, and perfume sets!!!

If you think that buying an individual perfume is a bit of an investment, you can now pay $370  for a perfume trio set! This set comes in a FOR HER and FOR HIM version ;) I've made a mental note I'll get two sets for my friend. 

The Gifts With Purchase (GWP) I've talked about for the Holiday promotions in store:

ADDICTIVE, SEXY and CONFIDENT. That's how I'd describe their perfumes. Do you know that one of the scents from the Guys Section is their best seller? And it's the GIRLS who actually loves this guy scent and would buy it and spray on themselves! Want to know which one? Stay tuned for an upcoming post on the perfume range from Jack Wills ;P

I wish these candles would come in a coffret set too! 'Coz I'm simply too addicted to anything olfactory!

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