Friday, May 17, 2013

My beauty problems answered @GLYCEL facial treatment + special offer FOR YOU

I had the luck to experiment what a proper facial treatment was like at one of the beauty centers of Glycel. The Swiss brand makes really top-notch skincare and I have been itching to share my experience with their facial treatment. One word: FABULOUSNESS.

Glycel's beauty centres are smartly and cozily furnished. Entering to the powder room already made me felt soooo at ease and after changing to a bath robe? I felt ready to drift off to dreamland...and not just in my dreams I'll be having my face taken care of by their experts, but I will also wake up with glowing skin at its better state!

Let's go back to the kind of treatment I had, since I have predominantly combo skin that leans a bit dry, I went for the Aqua Power Hydro Boosting Treatment (HK$1,310) - which utilized the following products:

- Hydro Firm Aqua Therapy Pack
- Aqua Power Hydro Boosting Essence
- Aqua Power Hydro Boosting Cream
- Enhance eye cream
- Enhance toner
- collagen boosting mask

The whole session took about 60 minutes and I swore it was soooo nice and pleasant I almost drifted off to sleep and woke up with firm and moisturized skin! First they took off my makeup, cleanse, tone; then they use high potency scrub to get rid of dirt, sebum and dead skin, coupled with steaming of the skin using a steaming machine (pure awesomeness); afterwards they used tools to remove the blackheads on the nose, and dirt inside congested pores; and then is the process that I feel sooooo interested in: pumping of pure oxygen using Oxyjet (a machine obviously) all over the face. Afterwards they used the hydro boosting essence, cream and before everything is absorbed they applied the collagen boosting mask on top: it felt so heavenly because the mask and everything else felt so cool on the skin! Lastly, they took off the mask, and pat on the remaining essence and cream on the skin.

While waiting for the mask to sink in, they massaged my hands with hand cream and put them inside a pair of mittens (WOW!!) and massaged my neck and back, it was so relaxing that I want to have such session once per week at least!

You probably have noticed by now, the products used in the Aqua Power Hydro Boosting Treatment are 1) all products used are proudly from Glycel; and 2) all of the products targeted at replenishing moisture, and restoring dullness and elasticity. That's exactly what my twenty-something dry-skin needed.

The result of moisturized, plump skin still remained after 2 days! I noticed that my skin had become smoother and less bumpy. It's definitely brighter and it feels revitalized.

So when I was enjoying my facial treatment, to stop myself from falling asleep completely being so comfortable, I had chatted with the beauty expert who is responsible for my treatment, she pointed out the issues my skin has (which is tons and you name it, I have it); how I could work on them myself, and what to pay attention to (from skincare routine, products, to dieting habits), I just loveeeeeee it. 

All along I had been confused, or even frustrated at why my skin was misbehaving during the past 9 months and she gave me all the answers I were looking for. Apart from working on my skincare routine, which could slowly improve my skin condition; she also recommended laser facial treatments. Most people see obvious improvement after 10 sessions of laser treatments - pores no longer congested, scarring/marks faded significantly, pores no longer enlarged and they become very fine, skin feeling more plump and youthful. I was deeply impressed and tempted to make it a routine in my schedule. In fact, I think I will make it a routine appointment.

So that's me being extremely impressed about the professional care I received at Glycel beauty centers, impressed about the knowledge of their beauty experts and the quality/effect of the facial treatment session. Now there's a SPECIAL OFFER FOR YOU my readers: you can go to the following link and sign up for the same treatment that I had with just HK$168 (!!! like 1/10 of the original price!). The amount can be used to redeem Glycel face care products after your facial treatment session. Offer only applicable to first-time customers, 10 quotas. Put in your name and phone number on the below secured form and Glycel beauty experts will call you and arrange an appointment with you!

Also I should point out that, they have a total of 6 beauty centers all over Hong Kong, so it's definitely a popular place for beauty addicted peeps like us!

What was your experience with having facial treatment sessions done by professionals? How often do you have such treatments? 


  1. This sounds amazing. I think this is great for our skin. I wish I lived in HK! I feel like these facial sessions are so good for our health! ^_^

  2. That's so amazing! Thanks for your sharing. I love doing facial recently :)

    1. make use of their promotion and give Glycel a try!


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