Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cath Kidston Coming Up Roses Collection & Store Event

2013 marks the 20th anniversary for Cath Kidston, the first store opened in HK early this year and now a Limited collection called "Coming Up Roses" is being released in celebration of the 20th anniversary. I've been an avid fan of Cath products (mainly kitchen utensils and stationery, bath and body items that I'm fond of), I know some people are fans of their tote bags and all that, but it's the home accessories that drew me in.

 An in-store event was going on when I visited the store, all products can take 20% off!!! I"ll reveal what I bought at the end of this post ;) Look at these gorgeous bath sets, they're on sale (!) and I love the towel duo.

More towels and toiletries. Don't you just adore the wallpaper print? It's so retro British and yet very cool.

It's the kitchen utensils and cutlery that I'm most fond of. I figured that a single Cath-print cup doesn't look good alone, it will only look good in pairs at least. Hence they have many cups and bowls in sets available for purchase. They also introduced tumblers I've noticed. Cath-print cup will surely make you stand out in the office since the print is so eye-catching and at the same time girly.

Now onto the highlight: the limited Coming Up Roses collection. Antique Rose and Red/White Polka Dots made up the theme of this collection and the new products released include: a Moleskine notebook (HK$350); Antique Rose tea mug (HK$175); tote bag (HK$490); stationery; wallet (long, HK$900); purse (HK$330). I absolutely adore the Antique Rose print and can't get enough of anything embossed in Cath print.

I've also gathered that Cath Kidston has opened a new store in Shatin which is amazingly big (1,000 sq ft), calling every fans of Cath to go worship!

Onto what I accrued: apart from Cath Kidston Wild Rose Hand Cream 100ml and Rose Hand Cream with courtesy to Cath Kidston, I bought a Bluebell Hand Cream 100ml (HK$130)! (Can't help, the scent itself is just AWESOME!)

Do you own anything from Cath Kidston? Love the print?


  1. I saw some of their products whilst in SG and I loved the prints! I didn't get any though, I have so many unused hand creams lying around *boohoo*

    1. same here! tons of hand creams lying around but can't resist the Bluebell smell!!! >:D

  2. Ooo, was this the Sassy event? Sadly I missed this, but looks like fun! A Moleskin Cath Kidston notebook sounds pretty cool! They always have the cutest decor, reminds me of a British tea party! xx

    1. it was but I didn't sign up via them! the new collection is just as lovely as the regular line!


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