Monday, July 15, 2013

Easy, Light and Weightless hair products - Mark Hill range for Boots!

Ya'all know I'm all about fuss-free hair. The typical HK weather is hot and humid, and my born-straight hair easily becomes a frizz-ball. Combs aren't my best friends since I am best known for carrying a next-to-nothing makeup bag (aka very minimal which consists of 2-3 items). So what could I do? I found my hair's best friend in Mark Hill for Boots range...

 Whoever came up with this idea of having this session at a warehouse in an industrial building is clearly brilliant. I've never been to such spacious venue, and it was a glorious afternoon.

Yes you are correct, there are wash basins at this warehouse venue...guess what, this venue is a training compound for hair dressers so it's got all the facilities, including extra large mirrors!

So who is Mark Hill? He's the celebrity hair dresser (er for celebrities) in UK and had won British Hairdresser of the Year and the Hairdresser's Hairdresser of the Year (read it again). The newly revamped Mark Hill range sold by Boots (available at selected Mannings stores in Hong Kong) looks like this: fun and quirky:

Apparently this little spray bottle below is the BEST-SELLING product of the Mark Hill range in HK at the moment...the cans are literally flying off the shelves (out of stock) and they'll make a comeback in August with more stock! It's called Little Hottie Quick Fix Dry Shampoo. I have yet to try this but I'd say it's an extremely affordable dry shampoo and is a welcoming addition to the rather-limited dry shampoo market out there. Also the size is really ideal for travel - I think it's easy on your wallet, light on your bag and weightless on your hair. This is the essence of the Mark Hill range.

Mark had appeared in person and showcased his talent with 3 models which had different hair: fine hair, thick and long hair,  flat and medium-length hair. His favourite way to gives 'shape' to a face is to add volume on top of the hair, so it 'lifts' the face as well and give it a 'glam' look.

When asked what are the differences between Asian and European hair, Mark commented that European hair is more fine and limp, while Asian ones are flat and dry. He also pointed out the struggle with humidity in Asia after landed here by plane yesterday.

Mark demonstrating how to create an everyday sexy, wearable hair on a model who has long, flat hair:

He sprayed the model's hair using the heat protection spray, then used the heat curlers and clips to set the curls for 10-15 minutes.

After 10-15 minutes, he undid the curl-rollers and released all of the model's hair, here's the result: big waves of bouncy hair! 

All this is done within 30 minutes so that's impressive work, huh!

The Mark Hill hair care range has quirky names like "Love Big Hair" which is for volumizing obviously; "Straight-aholic" for people who loves straight and tamed hair; "Defrizz-ilicious" for anti-frizz and anti-humidity; "Colour Blast" is for color-treated hair; "Get Gorgeous" has heat protection, smooth and people who are always on-the-go; "Little Hottie" is a collection of travel-sized products which is ideal for hitting the gym, traveling elsewhere! 

Mark was a chatty person and full of smiles, even though as a celebrity hairdresser who worked with many Hollywood stars, he remains his friendly and passionate disposition, and he made a point that the products he made for this range was in use in his salon - so these products had to actually WORK before they sell it in the market. I think he's also got a knack on what common people like you or me need: affordable, fun and easy-to-use products.

The Mark Hill range is formulated and made in the Netherlands, on the left is Slick Chick De-Frizz Shampoo (HK$74); middle is Oh So Smooth! De-Frizz Conditioner (HK$74); and on the right is No Knots! Detangling Spray (HK$84). The spray had me so excited because it can be used on both damp hair before drying and anytime during the day to freshen up! I think I"m going to stalk every Boots shelf at Mannings for the Little Hottie Dry shampoo now! 


  1. Looks like so much fun! So cool you got to meet Mark Hill! I was thinking of going to the in-store event on Saturday to see him, but in the end, didn't make it... haha! Nice to see your photo coverage though! xx

  2. Replies
    1. it is! Mark is really chatty and friendly :D


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