Friday, July 12, 2013

The Do-it-all Facial machine: Overline Elite Resolution

This is my second facial treatment done at GLYCEL skin spa. I tried the newly imported machine there, called Overline Elite Resolution Oxy Face, made in Italy. Why would I say it's a do-it-all facial? The machine's got 5-in-1 functions in it and that's what makes it ideal for busy folks like me!

Here's what GLYCEL skin spa looks like inside: it's a complete skin haven. Take off your shoes and put on slippers, let your clothes hang loose and change to a bathrobe, with a healthy drink of choice, and feel at peace.

I underwent what I called the "Overline" Treatment (named after the machine), it comprises 5 technologies in 1 machine, powerful huh? The 5 steps in this facial treatment are: Radio Frequency, Micro Dermabrasion, Oxygen Treatment, Electroporation and Chromo Frequency.

 They took off my makeup gently, followed by steaming of the face (to open pores) and skin needling (to get the dirt out obviously). The first step I had was the Oxygen Treatment, aka pumping a dose of highly concentrated oxygen onto skin and making them "awake" - so that it looks less tired, and let it breathe. The oxygen part is rather cooling and it's very refreshing. Then it was the Micro Dermabrasion part - which my skin was so sensitive at the current moment so I had to skip, but you get the idea - it's to make the dead cells peel off and stimulate cell renewal. 

The third step I had was using the Radio Frequency technology: the process is to increase collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, so that skin becomes lifted and firm. It's like having a super soft fluffy mop that swishes on your face - it felt so luxurious and pampering. It's not painful to the skin. The next step is Electroporation, electical impulses would be produced (don't worry - it's using your body chemistry) and to open channels within the skin so as to let the beauty serum sink in more deeply. Basically it helps to enhance efficacy of any skincare you put on.

The last step was also the most interesting step, I called it the "Light Therapy", it's called Chromo Frequency. What it does is to use colored lights to heal damaged cells. For example, the one I had was blue in color and that helps to hydrate and soothe skin. 

The whole process took about 2 hours and in my opinion it should be named "Deep Sleep" :P it was so relaxing and I love a good multi-purpose facial. I came away with super smooth and soft skin, so soft that I can't stop touching it, lol.

What's your favourite facial like? Are you more comfortable with manual facial treatments or machine treatments?


  1. Used to love facials - I miss getting them! Never had a machine facial before though. This looks fun. :)

    1. have you noticed any differences when having and stopped having facials?? I just recently started having those! am pretty addicted now :)

    2. I didn't go very regularly (like 2-3 times a year) so there wasn't a big difference. But it's always nice to get pampered and relax in a spa all afternoon. :)


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