Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Some fun stores in the neighborhood!

I've recently paid visits to these fun and quirky stores around my neighborhood, well straightly speaking, 2 brick and mortar stores and 1 online store. The first brick and mortar store I've recently been to is called "Oh My Glasses" (link here), or "OMG" in short.

Once entered the shop, one can't miss the billboard commemorating the store's opening, on it were celebs' signature. Every pair of glasses and lens are handmade, you can't blame why the brand is very popular among celebs!

Funny display of glasses in the store:

If you're looking for an ordinary pair of glasses, this store is not for you. The store is for those who are a bit more daring and bold in style, you will see what I mean below. Blue-tinted lens with hand-cut frames.

Purple and frames on the far right:

This is the aviator which I had my eye on! It looks quite classy and can't-go-wrong right?

And this 12-angled lens with green tint, the frame is made of green titanium material. Certainly not for the faint at heart!  Do pop by this store if you're looking for a boldly hued shades for summer! I know the store had sponsored LOTS of celebrities in their concerts and magazine shots, so you're probably wearing something the celebs are wearing in front of the paparazzi :D

Store Location: 3/F, 154 Des Voeux Road, Central, HK

The second store which I very much adore is an online skincare store based in HK, called "Little Things in Life" (link here). The owner, Angela, had very sensitive skin and she had her friends tried almost everything out there and only put up those products that work for them on the site. Interesting eh?

I've been eager to try a bit more of skincare which has more natural ingredients, recently I've changed my shampoo to one without SLS and Propylene Glycol. It could be hard to start with when faced with a market of skincare products out there I admit. I just think it's nice to have somebody who had 'been there, done that' with skincare, if anything works for their sensitive skins, that something is gonna be good for anyone else too!

Angela had kindly sent me a paraben-free sunscreen by Oasis*, the brand is based is NZ. This sunscreen rocked my world, I'll only buy this sunscreen from now on. It comes in two sizes (link here), available in 50ml and 250ml and is good for both face and body. I've long been associating sunscreen with "white cast", "sunscreen chemical smell" and "grease". This is ANYTHING BUT.

Look at the super simple ingredients list. Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Soya Lecithin, Castor Oil, Vitamin E. Zinc Oxide, Ethylhexl Methoxycinnamic.

What's amazed me is that when squeezed out, there's 1) no chemical smell; 2) doesn't feel greasy...

Look at post-application below, there's absolutely no white cast to it after blending! Also there's no "shine", application is streak-free. The texture is light too, no oily residue, impressive! This is gonna be a sunscreen I'll buy again and again! Do visit "Little Things in Life" as they offer free local shipping over HK$500 purchase! If you're ordering from overseas, do drop a note to Angela (angela at ltilhk dot com) to see what she can offer.

Third store is Sambag (from Sydney Australia), it's nicely tucked away at 6 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island. Look at the flats in the below pic - it forms a beautiful butterfly display!

In store, I found a bunch of jeans and flats (my favourite thing in the world, next to makeup) in gorgeous hues of pastel lilac, electric blue, royal purple!!! Did I mention how these colors are hard to come by in HK?

All purple!!

Loads had been said about their flats worn by peeps, comfy, soft and feminine. I'm seriously wishing I own every paired of colored flats at the store!!! 

These are baby-sized sandals. Not for adults! :P

Love these sandals with metallic twists on them, I can't decide, maybe I'll get both!

They've also got a nice range of clothes and bags, but being the shoe addict I am, of course I took pics of the shoes mostly! Teehee.

*PR sample 
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  1. LOVE that blue/white/red sandal! Makes me want to go out and explore stores now. :)

    1. hehe i wanna get a big closet to store those candy-colored flats!

  2. Sounds like a great sunscreen! Very short ingredients list too...means less nasty chemicals :)

    1. it is! I'm more intrigued by the brand's other offerings now, wish i live in NZ!

  3. OMG all the ballerinas! And the sandals! Right up my alley! I keep thinking I'll start collecting ballerinas in different colors some day ;)

    1. hehe don't they just all look bright and cheerful when put together :D


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