Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Aromatherapy Associates Rose Infinity Facial trial at FLAWLESS

Ever since I blogged about my absolute HG cream cleanser and toner from Aromatherapy Associates HERE and HERE, I've replenished the toner stock at home. FLAWLESS, a beauty salon specialized in facial treatments, has kindly given the opportunity to try a facial treatment using the Rose Infinity line - a line which is more expensive than the Renewing Rose / Hydrating (blue line), and which is targeted at mature, dry, tired skin that needs lifting and revitalization. My skin might not be mature but it sure is dry and showing tiredness (well who isn't tired with a day job?? lol). They've found the right person - I"m already a huge fan of the A.A. line and the rose hydrating line prior ;)

Here's a group pic of what Debbie, my beauty specialist/advisor used in the facial. The new facial peel from Aromatherapy Associates was the little jar/tub at the bottom of pic, but because my skin cannot take exfoliation of all kinds (more on that later), my treatment did not utilize this. But, the peel is included in the Rose Infinity Facial treatment package if you're wondering. Yes, that's a bowl of ice cubes in the pic.

Debbie removed my makeup thoroughly with Renewing Rose Cleanser (see top of the post for my review), twice. Apply, massage and use a hot cloth to wipe away. Then she applied the Rose Skin Tonic (smells amazing I can't stress enough about this!). And then she slathered some Rose Hydrating Face Mask on my face for a good 10-15 minutes. I almost fell asleep with the nice rose scent. All products shown in this post is salon size btw, the face mask normally comes in a tube packaging when you buy alone.The mask is a gel type consistency and is extremely soothing.

After removing the Hydrating Face Mask, she applied the Anti-age Overnight Repair mask (this stuff is expensive but is worth every penny) for another 15 minutes. It has a creamier consistency and is richer in texture, simply put, nourishing. This tube packaging is the retail size. I'm normally not a huge fan of rose scents, but I could take the rose scent easily throughout the whole line of products. I'll definitely snatch these two when spotted them on sale.

After removing the Overnight Repair mask, Debbie put the Fine Line Face Oil from the Anti-aging line and massaged it on my face. She also used the De-Stress Essential oil for shoulder and neck massage. The Enzyme Peel shown is the product that was not used in my trial due to my skin condition, but it's normally included in the Rose Infinity Facial Treatment plan.

After the face oil has been absorbed, she used the Rose Infinity serum to slather and massage it onto my face - this is not rose-smell btw, it's more like ginseng smell and I love it. The Rose Infinity Eye Cream, together with the serum, is the definite luxury and star of the facial. They are so soothing, and nourishing in their properties. The Rose Infinity Moisturizer is the ultimate product used to seal in the nourishment. Guess what I came out with? GLOWWWWWWWWWY skin that looks like I've had plenty of sleep, and just returned from a vacation. And the best part is? My face was totally calm (aka not reddish) at all after the facial. So it's happy skin there. Happy times.

The price of the Rose Infinity Treatment is slightly more expensive than the usual Aromatherapy Associates facial at FLAWLESS. It's totally worth it if you need a perk-up before a big event. As Mother's Day is just round the corner - I can't find a better treat for moms out there than this - the whole facial treatment is targeted at mature skins that needs nourishment and lift. You can book yours HERE.

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