Saturday, May 2, 2015

DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum Review

Everyone should be cray about their lashes - be they short and stubby, or medium length lusting after intensity and drama, it should be a step one shouldn't overlook in their beauty routine. This is why I bring you a review of Dior's Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum today. I snagged it at half price off (almost), and it was too good a chance to pass.

The descriptions online (Sephora and all) said this lash serum can double duty as a mascara primer, both I don't detest with. My main goal of getting this was to find a replacement of my very much beloved Talika Lipocils Expert lash conditioning gel (reviewed HERE). Over the years Talika's prices had climbed up and up, never going down, and even a loyal fan (yours truly) has problems to keep up with the price, which started me a journey to look for alternatives, and I ended up with Dior.

The lash serum came in a typical mascara tube, albeit in white, and has a bristle applicator like a mascara would have. The tube is weighty and a bit heavy to travel with, it feels like you're holding a sharpie. Unlike the Talika one, the Dior applicator has no wand tip at the end of the applicator. A wand tip end allows more precise application at the lash root, and makes it less easy to poke yourself in the eye.

The way you can use it is, you can apply it before any mascara. I would suggest you allow a few minutes in between for this to dry off first, because this stuff is white in color and the color will disappear after a while. It makes lashes more sturdy and holds the shape. But I used it at night before bed.

The texture as you can see below, is rather waxy. The bristle lingers with what I assume is fibres, but in a dry texture, no gluey goopy messiness at all. However the texture is more waxy than I would have imagined, which makes me prefer the Talika Lipocils Expert which is a gel, more.

As far as the effect goes, I don't see any lashes growing longer, as I experienced lash growth with Talika one. However the Dior one makes the lashes more sturdy, and possibly strengthened - as I experienced less lashes falling off than previously when I was using some drugstore branded lash essence. This is the only plus about the product. The Dior one doesn't make my lashes darken in pigment (more black in color), but the Talika one does.

To conclude, this isn't a bad lash serum to start with, but it's no match for Talika Lipocils Expert lash conditioning gel.

What do you use to make your lashes grow and strengthen?

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  1. I mix castor oil and coconut oil and slather it on my lashes like a pro! / facepea


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